We Don't Play House

So I was minding my own business one day, off in my own little world, doing nothing but enjoying my alone time when I received a text about an article someone read on Facebook. Now I don't usually pay attention to anything on Facebook if it doesn't involve my blogging and certain posts pertaining to my family, so I was just kind of like meh when Wife & Husband Duties Yous Should Totally Avoid Doing While Dating was suggested to me by a friend.

They asked me to read it and give my thoughts on what was in it. Now before I get into what I think, here is some of the main points the article hit on. You can also click the link and get the full article and in depth explanations for some of the things here. But here are those main points I was talking about, the first one is for the women:
  1. Cooking meals for him on the regular
  2. Washing his dirty drawers
  3. Living together
  4. Scheduling doctors appointments
  5. Attending all family functions
  6. Giving him large amounts of cash
  7. Cleaning his place
  8. Helping him manage his bills
And of course the section for men was a little less, but a little more critical since it was so few points to hit on. I've summed it up a bit because I want you to go read the full article:
  1. It’s fine to court or pursue your lady of interest by taking her out to eat, movies, dates, buying a birthday gift, etc as you are getting to know her. Just don’t spend or give excessive amounts of money when asked.
  2. A woman is a Queen but she is not YOUR QUEEN until you two are married so you shouldn’t live together while dating. Never get ahead of yourself losing perspective because there is no rush so be patient.
  4. While you are getting to know your lady of interest, you should not take on the father role of her kids.
Now my first reaction to this list was to ask who hurt the author? I mean a lot of this stuff came across as harsh, but then as I read it more, it turned out to make a lot of sense. I for don't like anyone doing too much for me because I don't like not doing things for myself. Then on top of that a lot of this stuff seemed like you should just know better, but a lot of these things people fail at, aka #3 on list 2.

But my thoughts on this list is that too many people these days are too comfortable playing house rather than going out and getting their own and then bringing what they have to enhance someone's life rather than taking care of their every want an need. I always say from the get go that I want my wife to have her own life and career, and by the way that young lady answers that question I automatically know what kind of woman I have on my hands. Most women want a man to take care of them and their needs without them having to work for anything because they don't know any better. I'm not willing to do that because eventually I will get tired of you, no matter how much I love you, unless I'm rich, I cannot support you. Even then I probably still won't because I'm not overly fond of the idea of another human taking care of another human.

This whole shacking up and playing house with people who have kids is something I will never be interested in. Now don't confuse that statement with me not wanting to talk to someone with kids, I don't mind it if she has kids, but if she's not actively making their life better on her own, how can you expect me to swoop in and take care of you guys out of the blue? That's not how life works around this part of tow mam, and that won't ever change. At the end of the day, take care of yourself so that when you talk to someone and eventually date them, you have way more to offer than the normal nonsense that you see above that you THINK you have to do to keep someone around.

What do you think about this list? Do you think it was all right, all wrong or had some ones that could've been left off? Let me know in the comments below, I want to hear your thoughts.

Until next time guys!

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