A Simple Explanation

Yes All Lives Matter; but that's not the point.

The people who yell out All Lives Matter in contest towards Black Lives Matter are prime examples of what is wrong with this county. Time and time again people have to sit these particular kind of special people down and explain exactly what Black Lives Matter means and why we're protesting it. I mean it's not a really hard concept to understand to be quite frank here. It's like a simple 9th grader could understand this so I'm confused as to why grown men and women are not able to comprehend this simple initiative.

Well I mean I can understand why most people say it, it's because they aren't black and have never faced oppression in this country before. There are a lot of white people yelling out All Lives Matter whenever they get a chance for various reasons. One could be that they are trying to garner that "hey look at me over here too" type of response from people. It could also be that they really don't understand the core reasoning for Black Lives Matter, nor are they trying to. Well for those who are trying to understand what it means, here it is in lamest terms:

Black Lives Matter is a movement in which we, the black people in this country, are sick and tired of being killed and systematically oppressed. The movement is called Black Lives Matter because we're saying that in addition to All Lives Matter, that ours matter just as much as yours. So by saying that Black Lives Matter we are in fact acknowledging that yours matter to, we just want the same and equal treatment that you receive on a daily basis.

We just want to be free.

I honestly don't know why it's so hard for people to figure out, I mean hell, the name is indicative of wanting fair and equal treatment like those in this country that are treated fairly well. And no, that response of "I would love if there was system in place to me whenever I need it" is not appropriate because that system is designed to hold us back. We don't want to be on welfare, food stamps or any other kind of support; we simply want equal footing so we can have the chance at advancing in this country. That's where all of these programs that are being created to provide equality are coming into play. You know, the ones that you hate so much.

But at the end of the day there will be someone who still doesn't understand that notion. There will still be someone living in that crazy little bubble of theirs that thinks that everyone in this country is equal with the same opportunities. There are people in this country that think that Obama is out to destroy it from within by you know, cutting the deficit and creating a livable environment for people; that's just crazy. To be quite honest here, I don't think anything is ever going to really change because people are just stupid here. They will forever think that their way of life is threatened and they won't truly be happy until slavery is back and we just jump through hoops for them.

That's just the way of the United States of America.

And sad to say that it's all apart of a system designed to keep all ethnic groups down and on their heels and the other one as the one everyone hates so that the one percenters can continue to make all the money. That's all it boils down, there's no real veil or complicated plan here anymore, we all know it's about money and power. That's what it ultimately boils down to, and that's why things will never ever change. Chaos and poverty creates demand and dependence, and as long as both are around, we will never be alright as a planet.

But that's just me going off on a tangent, because you know, I want this country and the world at large to do better. I don't take pleasure in seeing anyone suffer or anyone being oppressed; because at the end of the day, no one is going to win that war.

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