Ip Man 3 Movie Review

This movie was great, as expected.

I'm not going to take you through the normal spill of how the movie played out and how much I liked it. Although I will say that it doesn't have that one epic, legendary fight scene like from Ip Man (see here), it was still a great movie. Mike Tyson moved surprisingly well and showed clearly he still has it. I love what Zhang Jin bought to his role and to their final fight. And Danny Chan was as close as you could get to Bruce Lee in film without him looking out of place.

No I'm not going to do that this time around.

Instead I'm going to tell you why this is potentially the next big thing when it comes to movie franchises. After three films, (eight years in total), Ip Man may ride off into the sunset as one of the most complete movie series ever. While some feel the payoff in the end for Ip Man 3 was a bit of a let down, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Naysayers aside, I think this has the Rocky level potential when it comes to reviving the franchise. There are three ways that they can go with this:

Tell the story of Ip Chun and Ip Ching.

Of course telling the story of kids, (& legacy holders), would make the most sense and the easiest thing to do. You could tell the story of how it was in the years following their mothers death and the burdens they had to bear being the namesake of such a high profiled Grandmaster. Like all things that can be associated with this story, I'm sure there are plenty of ways they can go with this, if they choose to do so.

Tell the story of Bruce Lee.

This is something I'm pretty sure everyone wants to see. People have been clamoring at the bit for a modernized telling of perhaps one of the greatest humans to ever live. Bruce Lee passed away more than 43 years ago and people are still very protective over his image and the way his story is told. Any mention of his name in association with the next coming is immediately shot down, (and so far it's been for good reason). Like I said before, Danny Chan did a great job in his role as Bruce for the movie ans I would like to see what he could do given more time to develop the character. 

Tell the story of Cheung Tin-chi.

The last and most promising aspect is Zhang Jin's character Cheung Tin-chi. Regardless of what anyone says, he absolutely destroyed everyone in this movie and had he had a better grip on his martial arts, (by just a smidget), he would have defeated Ip Man. It's something to say when Ip Man had to crack out the highest form of Wing Chun to defeat Cheung, and it was something awesome to see. I think developing Cheung and letting Zhang have his way with the character would be the best thing to do in order to keep the series alive. If I was going continuing on, then I would start with Cheung first.

Couple one, (or all), of those story lines with a fresh director and a bit higher level cinematography like Rocky and you'll have a franchise that would be set up for the next couple of decades. Not to mention you get to keep Donnie, (if he's interested and you can afford him), in the background, being the all inspiring Ip Man. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I hope that it can expand to be something greater in the coming years; they have all the elements to do so. 

Did you see Ip Man 3? If so how did you like it and what was your favorite fight scene? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time.

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