Mediocrity Isn't My Friend

In my world, I'm not satisfied by participation awards.

So I recently found out that I didn't make it to the second round of the Black Weblog Awards for Best Writing In A Blog and Best Personal Blog. Which is fine because I was doing a test run to see what I need to do to win either one come next year since it's on my bucket list of things to do before 30. I'm sure by now that you've realized I'm a firm believer in learning from my mistakes and failures en route to becoming a better version of myself in anything that I do. This is definitely no difference here when it comes to winning an award from this organization and actually putting the leg work in to do so. That's essentially the essence of who I am, a hard working individual.

But one thing that I won't ever do is settle for mediocrity.

That brings me to the conversation that I had about not advancing to the next round and not getting the shot at winning. The first thing I was told was to not care about the award because it's their lost and it's not a mark against me; citing everything under the sun as to why I didn't win. First and foremost, I didn't win and I don't make excuses for losing. The simple fact of the matter is that I didn't make the next round and I effectively lost. Making excuses for not winning or doing something has long since been removed from my way of thinking. When I don't get something that I really want, I don't make excuses for why I didn't get it, I make a way to go out and get it. That's the fundamental difference between me and the next person: I wipe the blood and sweat from my eyes, stand up straight and I go back out there for more.

Just remember that the first step in defeat is admitting it, makes it easier to win the next go round.

That leads me to the next point that they tried to make: "at least you got to the table, most people don't even make it that far". I followed that statement by asking them if they believed in participation awards for kids, in which they replied with a yes and that all kids should be recognized for their effort. That is something that I firmly DON'T believe in. Competition is the life blood of this country, without it how would you know what you're made of? How do you know what's instilled deep within you to overcome some kind of odds? I don't believe in participation awards because it's essentially saying "hey I saw you do something, it was cool, but it wasn't the best. But hey you still did something, good job tiger". See no, just no, I'm not here to be made a fool of because I didn't do the best I could do. There's a difference between winning and just being patted on the head and made to believe your best has a cap.

Now does that mean I expect to win every single thing? No that's an absurd way of thinking, no one can win every single thing in life. I know within myself when I gave it my every ounce and I've succeeded and got what I wanted out of something. That's one of the things about going all out and doing your best, sometimes you don't win and with that you feel better than you won because you elevated yourself to a point where you're happy with the results that you see. That's no different when it comes to this blog, the levels in which I have my sights on is that of one of the best and to own the lane that I'm in.

You don't achieve success by merely making it to the table, you  achieve it by actually making yourself better than you ever thought you could.

So to all of those people who feel as though that they're only good enough to make it to the table and then go home with a doggy bag while everyone has coffee and desert, don't you're better than that. There are those people who believe in that kind of stuff and those are actually the people that you need to stay away from because they only believe that much of themselves. Those are the same toxic people that I warn you about all of the time and those are the same people that will always be there to hold you back from your true potential. Shed them now and succeed beyond your wildest dreams; you can do this.

And to every black blogger out there reading this right now, I just want you all to know that you haven't seen anything yet. There is a method to the madness and my insanity will soon reveal itself as a level of intellect that can only be admired and respected by everyone across the board.

I believe that much in myself, my abilities & my dreams; one day you will too.

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