Preconceived Notions

So the issue of Religion came up during a conversation with an ass backwards person.

They said, and I quote: "aren't you afraid of them Muslims and what they could potentially do to us if they got inside of the country?"

I think my facial gave away my response before he even got the rest of the words out of his mouth. Then when he actually finished saying what he was saying, (which I was hoping the whole time that he didn't actually finish his thought), I kind of did the whole face palm and head shake deal. I actually had to take a deep sigh before I actually belted out the response I had in my head my head before he finished his sentence. Which for me is one of those kind of responses I usually think twice about because I don't want to engage in a meaningless conversation. 

In short I said to him: "what? Like how you guys did with the rest of the world and Christianity?"

See what I did there ..

I mean come on, let's be real, most Christians are just scared that they are going to finally get a taste of their own medicine. Because God forbid we forget about the Crusades or what any of the Templar's did. Because through all of these movies and TV shows people seem to forget, (through the whole process of their glorification), that the Templar's and clergymen from that age where the worse kind of people on this whole entire planet. Not really trying to shade anyone or certain religion at that moment, but that's just what it was.

That aside I told him that the actual people doing the killing over there do not speak for the whole entire Muslim community, which by the way many different ethnic groups happen to practice. I told him that for all he knew that I was a Muslim and he couldn't tell because he only associates them with Middle Easterners. Of course he spilled the usual ignorant remarks that he would know and that he would never ask me the question if he knew I was one.

So you wouldn't ask me and just assume that I would kill you? 

Of course he started backtracking at that point and I just told him flat out that what he was thinking was wrong. I told him that we live in a country where you could get robbed by a black guy in the hood or you could be sitting in a movie theater and get shot up by a psychotic deranged white guy. I told him that in case he didn't notice but a lot more of the horrific things that people have been seeing on TV actually have come in the form of mass shootings by older white men. Where people still refuse to extend gun control laws to screen said men to see if they're fit to carry a gun.

But of course he thought that was a bad idea as well and immediately I lost all hope for him. I told him to continue to believe what he's going to believe and to live his life cowering and ducking every time he passes by a Muslim on the streets, that is if he can tell who is one and not. And of course at that point I became the "combative negro" because I didn't give him the answer that he wanted and he realized at that point he was wrong and assuredly an ignorant racist.

These are the kind of people I actively avoid because they simply don't know any better. And I'm not talking about just white people, but I'm referring to any person that generalizes a whole entire religion because of what they see on the news and take in from people wishing to use their fears to win some votes or get ratings. I tell people all the time that the ones you need to be careful of are not the ones that are on your TV screens everyday.

But as far as being scared of Muslims period, I'm not even the least bit scared of them or any other race. It's the actual extremist groups who use the religious text and words to sway people into thinking that they're doing it for a holy cause. They're just using it as a levering tool for the uneducated and disconnected people in their region who have nothing else but those religious scripts to go off of. If we took care the head of the snake then we would reach out and connect with those people and learn a thing or two from them while showing them the outside world.

But that's just me, thinking like the rational and hopeful human that I am.

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