The Forgotten Poems, Vol. 3

So this is the poetry from my 2005 website, all of my poems this time around. I was thinking to myself the other day that I really need to find my book of poetry, I literally had a couple hundred poems in there. But as always, hope you guys enjoy, and leave a comment on how you feel about them, thanks!

Beauty is a word that you have passed
You are just so beautiful, and I can adore you
Like no one ever has
I wish I could be with you
Every minute of everyday
My feelings for you are much more
Than anything I can ever say

Beauty is outside and inside as well
You are filled with much beauty
Like a beach covered with many shells
You're the definition of beauty
Cause you have it inside as well as out
Your not like the other girls
Who think sexy is what it's all about

I will say you are beautiful
Cause that's all I can say
And you are always beautiful
Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday

The emotions that you make me feel
Are like medicines that makes me heal
Your body, heart, mind, and soul
These are things that make me whole
From the first night I already knew
I had to some how be with you
The perfect woman is what you seem to be
So I'm happy you choose to be with me
There is something I feel inside
That gives me this enormous pride
Your eyes, your thighs, your legs, lips and hair
They all make me wish I could be there
To caress and hold you so
Even through rain, sleet, and snow
I want to know what it is you see
That makes you want to be with me
I want to know the passions that set your heart on fire
I want to fill your most secret desires
I want to make you so happy as can be
I want you to fall in love with me
So every special moment we share
You'll know that I will be there
To make a point or take a stand
Or just to hold your precious hand
I hope you like my form of art
And I hope you take these words to heart
And yes, my trust lies in you
It's up to you what you choose to do
Through every painful, aching stride
Knew that I will always be by your side

Considering that I'm a black male,
At the age of seventeen,
I shouldn’t be alive.
I should be with my king.

The world can be so cold,
When you're all alone.
Like when you're trying to call a friend,
And they never answer the phone.

Just the other night,
I was jacked by a guy.
He took my money, and my jewelry,
And left my pride to die.

Don’t think this all,
That has happen to me.
I have a distant girlfriend,
Yet I'm still lonely.

But I've learned from my experiences,
That life goes on,
And If you hang your head down,
No good will be done.

So if you feel like I do,
Just follow your heart,
And you'll find that Your happiness,
Was right there at the start.

Mi Bina
Let me tell you about a girl who I call Mi Bina
Physically she's the type of girl you just love to dream of
But to me she's the kind of girl I love to think of
Smart, sassy, sexy, a all around great girl
She's one of my favorites, even if she stays half way across the world
Many ups with many downs that's how her story goes
I love that big head of hers, and I even love that big ass nose
She makes me have the biggest smile, even when my heart feels so heavy
She sends just one message, just saying "Is this my Devy?"
I smile to myself, cause that's all I really can do
She's such a wonderful girl, you have no idea
She gives it to me straight, and always tells me how she feels
She shared with me a story, not for my brain, but for my heart
She dropped some real knowledge on me, when I was torn apart
And it went like this:
All women are so special, like apples on a tree
The best ones are on the top, but some guys will never see
Cause some guys want the ones close to the end
and they really don't want what is good for them
So the apples at the top think somethin is wrong
When in fact some of the guys pickin the apples are just dead wrong
Cause they are scared, scared to get to the top and fall
So the apples have to wait, wait for a guy to climb
And Bina says this isn't just her story, its also mine
That's a real women, made and ready for love
She's my favorite home girl, cause she knows just what to think of
That's Jazzy Nicole, to some its Binka
But to me its my homie, my long distant best friend, that's just Mi Bina

Rhythm & Blues
Dru Hill’s “Beauty” for Amy, cause you’re always beautiful in my eyes.
Kci & JoJo’s “Crazy” for Candace, cause I must’ve been crazy to tell all those lies.
N*sync’s “Gone” for Marissa, cause afrikan misses you.
Ruben’s “I’m Sorry 2004” for Luppie, cause I can’t explain the stupid stuff I do.
Usher’s “Superstar” for Brittney, cause I liked you too, you just didn’t know.
Kci & JoJo’s “Wanna Do Right” for Nadia, cause I put on too much of a show.
112’s “Cupid” for Monica, cause my mentality just isn’t the same.
Ashanti’s “Rescue” for Smurf, Cause you bought me joy and never pain.
Jon B’s “Someone to Love” for Amarayni, cause I believe somethin’s there.
702’s “I Still Love You” for Ryan, cause I still do care.
No Question “Do What You Gotta Do” for Crystal B, Cause I moved on, and you need to do the same.
R. Kelly’s “Greatest Sex” for Shaunte, just because it sounds great with your name.
Blackstreets “Don’t Leave Me” for Luppie, cause I don’t know what I’ll do without you.
Beyonce’s “Dangerously in Love 2” for Tiffani, cause that’s our song Buboo.
Tyrese’s “Sweet Lady” for Ebony, cause you make some special dreams.
R. Kelly’s “In Those Jeans” for Angela, cause I still remember those jeans.
Nivea’s “Parking Lot” for Kimi, cause you keep your Maryland cool, even in the south.
Isley Brothers “Between the Sheets” for Francine, cause you know exactly I’m talking about.
Playa’s “Never Too Late” for Breyan, cause I’m sorry for waiting too long.
Amerie’s “I Just Died” for Allison, just listen to the song.
Alicia Key’s “Aint Got You” for Trisha, cause I can tell you’re that type of girl.
112’s “Sweet Love” for LL, cause with you, I wanted to share that world.
Bobby V’s “Tell Me” for Shonna, cause I like your smile the most, maybe your butt to.
Mary J. Blige’s “Be Without You” for Trisha, cause my smile wouldn’t happen without you.
Debroh Cox “There’s a Stranger” for Kristen, cause I’ll never get to know you.
Bobby V’s “Slow Down” for Tiara, cause I just want to get to know you.
Babyface’s “Sunshine” for Shyesha, cause I can see what makes you great.
Alicia Key’s “A Woman’s Worth” for Mi Bina, cause real guys know you’re great.
But mostly to Amber, cause I cant give you one song and you deserve more than just two:
Usher’s “U Got It Bad”, cause I know you feel the same way too.
The Roots “You Got Me”, for all the days we fought and fussed,
And Mariah’s “Don’t Forger About Us”, so you don’t forget about us.
One more song, just because its at the end.
Shai’s “If I Ever Fall In Love” for “her”, cause next time she has to be a friend.

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