That 2%

I can handle about 98% of what life throws at me; call it a God given talent of mine.

I work extremely hard for the things that I have, more so than anyone will possibly know about until a time after I've done a lot of great things. But in those times where I work hard, struggle, suffer and even come to the brink of quitting, I always find myself in need of something more. I find myself needing that extra bit of motivation that doesn't come from words or a pat on the back from a close friend or relative. It's that one thing that can't be summoned on command or bought at a store.

In those times of need, that 2% is all that matters.

Good women are severely underrated in this day and age because it's not an environment suited for growth. Most people are out for self because that's what they have to be in order to get the things that need to sustain their daily lives. Basically most people are out for self in most situations, that's why when they say when you find a good thing to never let it go. I mean in retrospect I thought things were good while I was there, but in reality they weren't. That's why I never settle for what is given to me these days.

That's why I work hard, to eventually have something conducive for growth, with me.

It's that 2% that will take me farther than I've ever been in life. Admittedly I can say that I've never met someone that has taken me to the lengths that I know I can go to. And when I say take me to the lengths I don't mean depending one someone else for happiness or to make things happen, just that woman that can nudge me in the right direction when things get a little hard or bleak. Because it's that 2% that makes a great man even greater, it's that 2% that he needs to get him over the hump.

Yesterday I just had a thought about how it's a lot of work making something of yourself these days and that I was in that moment when I was thinking that I need something right about that moment. While I was in my feelings at that time, I quickly remembered something: everything works itself out in due time. I'm confident that it will happen because most things in life happen to me because I work hard and keep the faith in God to make it happen when he sees fit for it to happen.

Because it WILL happen in due time.

But just thinking about that 2% and the potential of the young lady who comes along and gives me the right amount of it excites me. The moment when I was thinking and being a human was in the same moment that God showed me the greatness of a young lady that I have yet to meet. Something about that screams positivity and excitement to me. Being a great man that I am, 2% doesn't seem like a lot to most, but it's enough for me. That's the strength in being a great man, you won't require much, but when you do there will be a woman that can handle it all, even if it seems like a lot to most. 

So fellas if you have that woman who you can truly look into her eyes and she gives you that look back, she can wrap those tiny arms around you and hug you just how you needed to be hugged, or if she can rub her hand over the back of your head and make you feel at ease, then that lady has given you that 2% to be great. And trust me that is all you will ever need in major times of moment; that one thing that can calm your crazy mind and wild beating heart.

2% is important because it's probably the greatest love that you will ever see in your life.

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