Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

By far the best Marvel movie that I've ever seen.

Typically I've liked the Captain America movies more so than the others because it was more real world oriented than the other ones. While I love the thought of superheroes being these fictional and larger than life characters, I think the main appeal of them getting over is that people feel as though they could be real life people just like they are. I mean who doesn't want to think they  they could actually turn into Captain America or become some sort of big raging hulking creature due to an accident working in a chemical plant. The overall appeal of those things actually happening will always be the appeal for these movies with me.

And yet the biggest appeal that came through about this movie was Black Panther.

I had my initial doubts and worries as to how they'll make the character look and act; because Marvel / Disney can cut a great trailer and the actual movie be nothing like it. But they actually came through for the one character that everyone wanted to see in this movie. He was not only depicted like he is in the comics, he was actually given that same mystique that Captain America, Iron Man and Thor has whenever they pop somewhere. Now Marvel has a legitimate fourth big guy to go along with the trio and I'm thoroughly happy to see where they are going with him.

By establishing Black Panther as one of the top guys in the Marvel Cinematic Universe allows them to have legitimate carry over into their Phase Four plans. If the rumors are true that they aren't going to make anymore Iron Man, Captain America or Thor movies after this year then they'll need him, Spider-Man and one more tent pole movie to help carry phase four and potentially phase five. But if any indication of what Spider-Man and Black Panther can offer in their solo movies based off of this, then they're in great hands.

The rest of the movie was pretty much cut, dry and to the point; just how I like it.

They didn't waste valuable camera time on meaningless scenes that didn't offer anything. Every scene served a purpose and I wasn't mad at anyone. The big bad lurking behind the scenes was perfect for this movie and finally there was one that wasn't killed off meaninglessly and he has the chance to menace someone down the line. The one thing that I would have wanted to see was the four of them actually fighting Bucky's buddies and then finding out the big reveal after that. Other than that, every scene was executed smoothly.

If you're going to make a superhero movie then this is what you want it to look like. There were a lot of parts in this movie that I loved, but the one scene was the full out fight between the two groups. Seeing Ant-Man, Black Panther and Spider-Man all in action for the first time between all of them was an awesome moment. Ant-Man seems like he would be great on camera with Iron-Man. But the mainstays also came out and did what they do very well, (kudos to them giving Rhodes some ample action in this one).

I'm going to give this movie a solid A for the simple fact that it all flows and they don't really waste too much time with what goes on. I would watch this a couple more times before I got tired of it. Like I said before, this is definitely the best movie in the whole MCU to date. So if you're thinking about going to watch it then I would say just do it. And if you already saw this movie then leave it in the comments below on how you feel about it, you know I want to hear about it.

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