Open Letter By Donald Glover

This still blows my mind ..

While he wrote this almost three years ago, I still find it relevant to this very day. It's one of those things that stands out to me, so I decided to share it with you guys since I know pretty much most of you haven't heard about it. It's a pretty deep letter that he wrote out over various pieces of paper and posted on Instagram. It should put some things into perspective for those of us looking for success, but we're struggling in that transition period at the moment.

This letter is for us.

I'm afraid of the future.
I'm afraid my parents won't live long enough to see my kids.
I'm afraid my show will fail.
I'm scared my girl will get pregnant at not the exact time we want.
I'm scared I'll never reach my potential.
I'm afraid she's still in love with that dude.
I'm scared I'll never grow out of bro rape.
I'm afraid people think I hate my race.
I'm afraid people people think I hate women.
I hate people can say anything.
I hate caring what people think.
I'm afraid there's someone better for you or me. 
I feel like I'm letting everyone down.
I'm afraid people hate who I really am.
I'm afraid I hate who I really am.
I'm scared people will find out what I masturbate to.
I'm afraid I'm here for nothing.
I feel that this will feel pretentious.

I'm afraid this is all an accident.
I'm scared I'll be Tyrese.
I'm afraid Dan Harmon hates me.
I'm scared I won't know anything ever again.
I'm scared I never knew anything.
I'm afraid I'll regret this.
I'm afraid this doesn't matter at all.
I didn't leave Community to Rap.
I don't wanna rap, I wanted to be on my own.
I've been sick this year, I've seen a bunch of people die this year.
This is the first time I've felt helpless, but I'm not on that.
Kept looking for something to be in with.
Follow someone's blueprint, but you have to be your own.

The label doesn't want me to release in December cause it's not a holiday record and I'm not a big artist. I stared the record last Christmas. Christmas always made me feel lonely, but it helped me restart the new year. I want people to play this album when everything's closed. When everything slows down and quiet. So you can start over.

I got really lost last year, but I can't be lonely tho.
Cause we're all here
We're all stuck here.
I wanted to make something that says:
No matter how bad you fuck up or mistakes you've made during the year, your life, your eternity.
You're always allowed to grow up.
If you want.

- Donald Glover BKA Childish Gambino

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