The Huntsman: Winter's War Movie Review

I was a bit let down by this movie.

Anyone who knows me and my movie taste knows that Chris Hemsworth is one of my favorite actors currently. Thor, Cabin In The Woods, Red Dawn and Rush are all movies that I like from him. But that goes without saying that he's made some questionable ones in the form of Blackhat (read my review here), In The Heart of The Sea & Vacation. Even with all of that said, the one role that I loved him the most in was that of the Huntsman from Snow White And The Huntsman. He was the main reason why I liked the movie, (outside of Charlize Theron of course), and I was hoping and praying that he got his just due and a solo movie made.

Which it was all great when the trailers were being shown, Charlize Theron was coming back. Then the inclusions of Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain not only peeked my interest upon hearing their names, seeing them in action solidified that. The way that the trailer was cut it seemed like it was going to be filled with awesome fight scenes and a gratifying end to the queen once and for all. Everything about this movie seemed perfect and poised to be a way better film than it's predecessor.

But that's where it all went wrong.

This movie had me at the trailer, it had me at the cast, it had me at the visual effects, yet it let me down in every single way possible. I didn't feel connected to the story as I did in the first one, it seemed too rushed and the story line wasn't how I was thinking it was going to be at all in my head; and that's not a good thing. This movie was torn between trying to be a macho action flick and a nerdy chick's love child. Unfortunately for me, the nerdy chick love child one out.

I think given a different representation, and a bit more darker tone until the triumphed point in the movie, things would have turned out way differently than what happened. The Huntsman seemed like a klutz, Jessica's role was diminished a tad bit after they grew up, Charlize was still awesome because Charlize is going to Charlize and Emily's part where she rode in on the snow grizzly bear thing was completely useless because they didn't use the damn beast.

This movie made me mad on so many levels.

And that's just sad for a movie that I had such high hopes for. I'm going to give this movie a solid D+ and the only reason it got the plus was because Charlize was awesome per the usual. Other than that this movie was a real let down to me and it's the fourth time Chris has failed me. I would make an idle threat but we all know that we can't leave Chris hanging, simply because he's such a great actor and person. But dang it Chris, pull your people together and start making some Rush level movies.

I wouldn't really recommend this movie to anyone unless you watched the first and you just wanted to complete the series. But by the off chance that you did finish it, let me know if you feel as strongly as me in the comments below.

Until next time.

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