London Has Fallen Movie Review

This movie was great!

Basically from start to finish this movie was pumping on all cylinders. It jumped on the chance at being action packed since it already had an established theme and plot. It followed the old 90's format of just giving you straight up action and very little B.S. in between. I saw where a lot of people didn't like that and wanted a better story to develop, but honestly I don't think that was needed at all. Following the 90's style of straight action flicks was a bright idea seeing as how that's a lost art in my opinion these days. Plus this movie didn't really need to tell a whole plot, it did what it set out to do, and they did it very well.

The cast was your normal characters, and they all did their thing. Alon Abutbul, (hey the doctor from Dark Knight Rises!), did his thing as the movies big bad, even though we virtually didn't see anything major from him. Even though it showed him meeting his timely demise, I wouldn't be opposed to him popping back up again in the third installment with an even more sinister and well coordinated plan. Everyone else showed up and showed out with Aaron Eckhart actually doing some heavy lifting in this movie and not looking like a chump. Gerald Butler even upped the ante and showed his ability to go full bad ass.

Even though the budget was decreased by ten million, it seemed as though the special effects were better this time around. The ending sequence where he goes and gets the president is a great one and it's something that you don't want to miss. That alone made the movie worth watching to me. The whole time you didn't have time to think if there was something out of place or wrong, and it was like it was just a continuous fight scene that just ran plane old smooth.

All in all this movie is going to get a solid B+ from me for the simple fact that it went back to that old 90's action formula that mentioned above; which I love so much. While it's a movie that I will go back and watch again with no hesitation, it wasn't something that just blew me completely away. This movie was a good one and for most it's going to be a one off type of deal. With it doing better than it's predecessor I fully expect there to be a third entry into the series and I have no problem with that at all. Mike Banning has earned one more shot at solidifying his place as one of the last great action roles since Jack McClain, Rocky and The Terminator.

Have you seen London Has Fallen? If so leave it in the comments below on how you feel about the movie.

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