The Boss Movie Review

This movie was pretty decent.

I love Melissa McCarthy, she's definitely one of our leading comedians in terms of bank-ability at the box office these days along side Kevin Hart. And she is legit funny in her own way, this movie had it's moments though. I know that there wasn't going to be too much that went into this movie when it was all said and done, that's why I came in here with an open mind and low expectations. Which wasn't bad because I could enjoy the movie better than I would have if I had come in expecting Spy level or Tammy level.

The cast was great, everyone did their part pretty well. There were a lot of quick one liners and a lot of cheesy one liners in this one. The brawl between the two girl troops was a hilarious one and everyone involved had fun with that fight clearly. It had it's hard warming moments in there, per the norm, and it delivered on that front for those who wanted to see that kind of payoff. I personally came for all of the jokes and to see what kind of foolishness she was going to get herself into.

While it wasn't one of best efforts, it was still a strong one. I'm going with a solid C on this one for the simple fact that the cast was great, the jokes were OK and the fight scene made me laugh a little louder than I should have. I'll probably watch this movie again sometime down the line when I don't have anything to do and I see it come across my mind for one reason or another. It wouldn't hurt to check out this movie either if you're into crude humor and you're able to watch movies without judging too harsh.

If you saw The Boss, how did you feel about it? Leave it in the comments below.

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