Hadcore Henry Movie Review

OK they were right, this movie did give me motion sickness a bit.

When I originally saw the previews for this movie I just knew that by it being different, it was going to be something special. I know a lot of people were comparing this to a glorified Go Pro video and that it was going to be just another crap shoot of a movie. While I agree partially with that, I will say that this movie was interesting for the most part. It kept my attention long enough to see what it was going to do, but at the end it was just another movie that didn't really live up to it's hype.

I mean as far as the whole special effects go, it was sheer beauty of how they went and did everything. The guy for the special EFX on this movie definitely deserves and Oscar for what he was able to do with this movie. That alone was worth the watch when I was checking it out and noticing how life like everything was when the action scenes were going down. But as I said before, it got to the point where the camera was shaking a little too much and the quick movements made me lost in the scene a little bit. That kind of killed the buzz for me a bit because even though in real life that's how it would be, I thought they would have the sense to make it not be that way lol.

But all is fair in the movie world.

The plot line was pretty meh, it didn't really establish any characters outside of Sharlto Copley's character. I mean the main villain was explained, but it just felt so vapid and uninteresting. There could have been a lot more from this plot and a couple of characters, but this movie was clearly about the different type of filming and straight up gore and naked women. I don't have a problem with that at all, it just makes for a one time watch and forethought in the back of my brain.

This movie will get a solid C- minus from me. While the filming style is different, and it gives us ample blood and gore, it still was just a sub par movie due to the lack of a real plot and character development on the parts of villain and whole meaning of the movie. I would recommend this movie simply for the experience alone, but you could also see some really cool short movies on YouTube that serves the same purpose.

But hey if you saw this movie, then let me know in the comments what you think about it.

Until next time!

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