April 2015

So this past month, I've worked a total of 223hrs.

That's an average of 60hrs a week and every bit of it sucked. I didn't work because I really needed to, I worked because I wanted more money in my account, so in order to do that, I had to get it in right quick. I spent a lot of money the last two years on nothing, so one of my secret goals was to get my accounts back to the way I wanted them to look. That along with increasing my residual income, I'm kind of on a mission of sorts. That's the hard part though, finding revenue streams that could serve as such, especially in this day and age, but I'm determined to get on it. Of course I can't divulge what I'm working on, just know that I'm working on it.

But because I'm working on so many different levels of income, certain parts of my life are lacking a little bit, like my blog. Now of course I still have posts ready to go for situations like this, but I like giving you guys brand new material on a weekly basis as I continue my all out assault on making my blog one of the premier blogs on the net. Part of that was giving you daily content that was fresh and new, I'm working on my balance as of right now, and it starts with this post here. I usually do my scheduling for the month in advance and get it all out of the way so I know what to write about, and have my other stories that come up. But I haven't been doing that because of said work, but I'm going back because I realize writing is life for me, and I can't just stop because it's a way to release all of these thoughts.

April is the month where it's supposed to rain a lot and usher in the warm weather, you know give us a little more gloom before the glory gets here type deal. So I'm going to use that for some sort of symbolism in my life, because great things are on the horizon, and it's almost that time where I just switch the game up completely in many aspects of my life. I'm actually excited for the many things that are changing and coming my way, and more so for the options of doing different things with life. I'm actually settling into my groove and hitting my stride after a long fight with life for so long. That's what life is about, going through the process and learning to be better than who you are.

The sunshine is coming ..

But after all of that, this summer will be huge in all kinds of aspects. More great music being dropped, the summer movies are going to start to roll in and then on top of that, GREAT WEATHER IS BACK! Sorry for yelling but that part always gets me hype and excited because I'm the go to a cookout or just chat it up at a bar on a nice cool night. If you read some of my previous posts you know that this is the time I projected to make my comeback and to come out of hiding of sorts. And I'm inching closer to being ready every single day. And I also thank the awesome people that understand what I want to do and the plans I have because there are those that simply don't understand and never will. Those people are truly dope, and awesome.

But anyways, this is the second month in a row that I won't be able to do what I wanted to do in terms of giving my lists for movies and music but that is absolutely changing in June, I didn't want to rush into doing it for May, I just decided to roll it on out along with the other things that I'm working on for the site. Just wait on it, it's coming. In the meantime you can still count on getting five posts a week, that won't stop at all; you can also count on them to be quality posts as well.

Is there anything that you're looking forward to this month? Any plans, movies, music that you're excited that's coming about? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time guys.
  1. Its my bday month and normally I celebrate the entire month but i am just letting things be organic in my life and on my site. it just frees me up to actually enjoy more instead of stressing it.


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