November 2015

Finally my month has arrived!

There's so much going on from Thanksgiving, Veteran's Day celebration, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and not to mention my birthday. Then on the top of that there's Movember, which promotes men's health through growing facial hair to excessive lengths and making boys look like grown men. I usually love this time of the year for obvious reasons and I shall be participating.

It's also Native American Heritage Month, which I fully support people looking into and teaching about the people who originally inhabited this country. It's great to research and learn about a culture that has been shunned and made to look insignificant or like savages like in the movies. There are a lot of great documentaries out there on the many tribes that were spread throughout this country. I always tell people to learn more about this world and what better way than to learn about the people who lived here first before anyone else. So educating yourself this month won't hurt a bit.

Also something else that I'm taking apart of is the National Novel Writing Month initiative going on which should be interesting seeing as how I've never done anything of that sort. I would tell you guys what I'm writing about, but what's the fun in that? So hopefully I'll have something very rough to put together by the end of the month. I'm excited about this and it shouldn't be too much added on to my current workload of writing and school.

I'm proud to announce that I've been featured on one of my favorite blogs Quirky, Brown Love in an awesome interview for the site. When you get a chance head on over and check out the interview entitled: Black Male Blogger, Devon Young Talks Inspiration and Why Black Men Don't Blog, (you can also click the title and it will take you straight there). It's always a great pleasure when one of my peers asks me to speak to their audience and share my ideas or personal story. Bree is doing big things and spear heading a lot of the networking initiative, so I definitely don't mind lending whatever part of my talents she needs at any occasion. So be sure you support her over at her blog, Quirky, Brown Love.

Also going on this month I have an impromptu 30 Day Challenge going on as well. I decided to participate in the 30 Days of Thanks trend going on with twitter right now. You can click on that and see what other people are thankful for right now. Sometimes Twitter is really useful and this is one of those times where I don't mind joining in and participating in a movement that has meaning behind it. So be on the lookout all month with that and I'll definitely keep posting as the days tick off.

We're inching towards the end of the year and I'm still posting five times a week and I'm still going strong. I hope you guys have been keeping up with all of the different types of posts that I have to offer on here, and as of this writing it's a good 264 post for this year alone. I'm really proud of that feet too because not many can say that they've written that many quality posts period. If you're looking to get caught up on everything you can always click above on 2015 Posts but you can also click here and you can check them out. Thanks for the constant support guys, I really appreciate it!

That's pretty much all that's going on so far for this year, I'm kind of chilling, kind of not. I have all of the posts lined up for this month ready to roll out, but I'll probably spend more time away from social media seeing as it's getting closer to the holidays and more family time is going to be needed. I encourage all to do that as well, step away from the things that you can afford to step away from and just enjoy your family this season. This yea has gone by extremely fast and it's no telling what's in store for next year. 

I'm not posting my tops of the year this month because I'm actually catching up on music and what not. I don't want to have you guys listening to the same music from last month as I was listening to when I'm still checking out stuff. So next month I'll make sure to have all three of my lists updated for you guys. But feel free to look around at my other posts and comment on those as you feel.

Until next time guys!

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