A.A.A., Part 1

I'm Westside anyway,
Even if I left today and stayed away.
Some move away to make a way,
Not move away cause they afraid.
- T.I.

For some reason, this three part series just came to me randomly. It was initially supposed to be something else, but I forgot the last A, smh. But even better is the fact that I came up with a series that replaces the last A in each post. With this week it's "Actively Avoiding Advances".

This is a topic that I've actually wanted to touch on for awhile now. A lot of people don't understand when I tell them I'm "chilling". Like the thought doesn't even register in their mind that I am literally, just mind my own business. Like it's such a pain that I'm out here minding my own business, enjoying myself, and not entertaining stupidity. For what reasons that applies to their overall life goals, I will never know. But me not being like every other typical dude out here, really pisses them off because I don't fit a mold that they want  me to.

Now let's talk about some definite things here. One, I'm definitely not ugly, handsome & cute being the operative words used to describe my looks. Two, I'm definitely not a bore, meaning that I'm sociable, can make my own conversation, and it actually mean something. Lastly, three, I'm definitely an intelligent human being when it comes to most things, because I choose to learn about them. Now with all of that and that charming smile I tend to do, a lot of women find me attractive. That's all well and fine, and I thank The Lord for making me attractive, but that's about it with me.

I'm at the point in my life where I'm just relaxing and chilling, while doing me. Meaning I have goals, plans, dreams and aspirations to aspire to that doesn't involve me paying any mind to outside women. There is a woman in my life that I want there, said it multiple times on this here blog, people who follows it, knows where my mind is. That plays a major role in how I carry myself. I think women can sense on that stuff too, it's like a hormone we secrete, that allows you to pick up on that. But none the less, I give up the nice smile, laugh at the comment, and keep it pushing while saying thank you and have a nice day. Those are for the passive ones that approach me.

Then there are the ones that feel like I should be out here slaying every female that smiles in my face when I walk by and say hi. Like does that even make sense. Even if I wanted to do that, do you know the STI rate for here in North Carolina? Do you know how much condoms cost? Do you know that they don't know when to leave. Like that alone just makes me tired just thinking about. Not to mention the headaches that come along with that, forcing me to buy more aspirin.

Some dudes are just ugly with stupid personalities and can't believe women approach me.

Then there are the worse ones living, the straight up ones, who say what they want from you, but don't know how to take no for an answer. I had to literally tell one the other day "look you're not who I want, I make no effort towards you, and you still come my way. I have someone I want, and I'm working on me in hopes that she comes around again". Even after saying that, I feel as though she hasn't taken the hint. Those are the times I just sit and marvel at the stupidity in that exact moment.

At the end of the day, my focus is one something better than I can imagine, and I'm happy being alone and chilling without any kind of interruptions. Can't fault me for knowing who I am, want I want, and having the patience to wait to share those special gifts with someone special. This is where that whole living your life things come into play. I've already lived enough to determine that I'm not the best person who likes to beat around the bush and create wasted emotions. But for now, I'm just chilling, doing me and happy about it.

Til' next time yall.

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