Rants & Raves XI

Here we go again.

So much is going on right now in the world, it's actually becoming kind of hard to keep up. Most of it is emotionally draining, while most of it is just plain annoying. I'm one of those people who doesn't really speak on situations or things that annoy me because if I don't really care about them, why acknowledge them and give the situation power? But some people like drumming up questions to constantly question me and my stance like it's something that's earth shattering. I'm just like anyone in regards to most situations, well ok maybe not like everyone, but those that have common sense. So of course I had to revitalize a series I had no plans on bringing back, but it's needed because I'm not going to give these situations too much of my time beyond a post or two. At this point I'm just fed up to be quite honest.

Like with the whole Bill Cosby rape allegations and what not, for starters. I have never been one to just run and make decisions based off fresh news, I practice due diligence like one should. So with that being said, after the past couple of months I have to say that Bill did it and he's just buying time. The evidence is there from all of the women, the time and places he's done these acts, his continued silence, and more recently unsealed court documents where he settled with an alleged rape victim. My thing is that he knows he did it, his image is forever tarnished and now he has no wiggle room to work with. I mean the rape victims can't come out and sue I don't think because too much time has passed, so why not admit fault? I mean speaking to numerous people, his legacy is forever tarnished. He's been moved down the proverbial "top black TV dad's list" so he's basically just spiraling out of control at this point. It's sad, but not really that sad for me because he's also said some questionable things about black folks in general. At this point he's still accused and he has the right by law to fight and deny every bit of it, but he's not. Sorry Bill, but your time has run out.

Believe it or not, Bill's rape allegations pail in comparison to a lot of things going on in the news for Black people. I mean one of the "icons" has fallen, but we never really kicked it with him in the first place like that. So I could careless about him beyond seeing him get the justice he deserves, either right or wrong. Then on top of that I had to listen to all of the debates on Caitlyn Jenner / Bruce Jenner, sigh. I actually touched on this and the whole Rachel Dolezal fiasco in my post entitled TransWhatever. Basically I pointed out how I don't care to say the least about both of these individuals. One is just clearly delusional and thinks she can do what she wants in regards to portraying a race simply because she "identifies with it" and then it could be argued that the other one was involved in a clever marketing ploy to gain more popularity and money for the already excessively rich and obnoxious family. Now I want to state that I am in now way speaking out against transgender folks, it's your life, live it the way you want to, I'm just not privy of it. I'm just not a fan of dancing parades in the national spotlight when there are people literally dying because they are different. Also I don't think Jenner should've won that ESPY because there are more deserving people out there in the world of sports that deserved it more, just my opinion though. Not speaking out against, but I'm not supporting it either.

And speaking on support, that brings me to the whole Gay Marriage debate. Once again, I do not care, (notice a trend developing here)? The reason I don't care about gay marriage is because one I'm not homophobic, so hating people who choose to be gay isn't my thing. The second reason being that if you're happy with someone and want to be with that someone for the rest of your life, then be with that person, regardless of their sexual orientation. I mean I'm with the rest of the straight male populace where I say that I don't want my children being taught that because I believe that lines have to be drawn somewhere. But being exposed to folks that are gay, is not going to make the world blow up. There are plenty of gay people standing right next to you that you would never know was actually gay. I'm completely comfortable with me and my life as a heterosexual male, so whatever another male does in his personal time, is his business. Long as it's not messing with my family, my money or my personal beliefs, then there's not really to talk about here anymore to be quite honest.

ALTHOUGH, I didn't like how some gay folks were going overboard with those pictures from various points of time like war and depicting Jesus in a different light, now that is infringing on personal beliefs of a being a christian man and a veteran. Just don't, please just don't ever do that again, ok? No cool guys, not cool at all. 

This also kind of carries over into whole deal recently where it seems that folks are into a lot of drama, being messy and being nosey all at the same time. I don't really know what that's about, but it's also annoying. I've noticed that a lot of happy people deal with drama and being in other people's business for no apparently good reason. I mean there are literally a million of other things that you could be doing with your time than just sitting around and worrying about someone else. Like you could find ways to upgrade your life and that terrible job your always complaining about, or perhaps you could find better ways to teach your kids who are failing out of school to be more productive, perhaps even you could focus on yourself so you don't meet another crappy guy that takes advantage of you. Like I said, there are literally a million of other things you could be doing to better yourself, a million.

Speaking on having a million other things to do, Celebrities & Twitter seem to never really get along. I mean of course you have those celebrities that just know how to do social media right, and then you have those that just utterly bomb it and show us that they are no different than you and I, besides the bank account. Honestly, I could really give two shits about who you have beef with or how much money you're making right now. At this stage of life we need every single high profiled person that we can get to wage war on these cops who think they can kill us off for sport. Instead of keeping quite on those matters, how about you pick up a sign and lead the way for us and be that light we need. It's not the same as back in the day when celebs based their whole campaigns on bettering our position in life. So instead of getting into little twitter wars and using your thumbs to throw out jabs and insults, how about you get in front of a camera and condemn what's going on in YOUR neighborhood. 

Because at the end of the day racism doesn't end when the Confederate Flag came down off various government buildings. It's not going to stop a man who was welcomed into a bible study with open arms, from shooting everyone in cold blood. It's not going to stop a cop from abusing his authority and falsely imprisoning a woman, who later died in police custody under suspicious circumstances to say the least. And it's not going to stop a police officer shooting yet another unarmed black man, because he had the illusion of being unsafe, after he tried to open a car door that he wasn't supposed to. I'm not sorry to say that I do not care about a dumb flag that means nothing to me beyond the fact that it identifies racists that are living to a time they will never get back. I do not care about a flag when my people are still being butchered like lambs in the street, that's what I don't care about and what I do care about at this moment.

Lastly, can you stop shamming people for focusing on more than two different things going on in the news. It is possible to focus on things that make you happy, you don't have to walk around being civil rights billboards, if you did then you would probably drive yourself clinically insane. So just stop your nonsensical rhetoric because it's only making you look like a hypocrite and it's only adding to problems we don't really need at this moment. Plus stop telling people what they can and can't do, you don't know them from a can of paint lol. I know that this was a little long winded this time around, and more than the usual three topics I usually cover, but it was long overdue.

Oh and Rants And Raves XII will be here sooner than you think ..

What do you think about these topics that I covered, how do you feel about them? Leave it in the comments below. 

Until next time guys!

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