50 Shades of Grey Movie Review

This movie sucked so bad.

In fact this movie sucked so bad that I don't even want to review it. I don't know whether it was the over the top marketing for it, the annoying soft porn, the repeated butt slaps, or the stiff ass acting; but I hated it.

Honestly that is the only thing you need to know about this movie. I read the cliff notes on this book and it seemed to have all the elements of neuroticism that would make a big budgeted movie like this work; but yet they did literally nothing from the book. In fact I heard they made they made Ana look weaker than she actually is from the book.

Well whatever the case is, I tried watching this movie twice, once with a chick and another time so that I could review it for the blog. Both times I fell asleep on the movie, and both times I was mad with myself because I wanted to watch something else. The fact that makes me even more mad is the fact that it made money after everyone said the movie was spotty at best. But I figure that's all of those lonely housewives, old single women, loyalist to the book and fans of  Jamie Dornan that allowed the movie to do strong numbers.

Personally I'm giving this movie a D- and the only reason it's not an F is because Dakota Johnson has a decent body. I'm not recommending this movie to anyone that I know who has a brain and a legit thinking process. Now I know some women who actually liked the book, so if you're a female reader of mine, then go for it if you like that kind of thing, I guess.

But my parting shot to you guys is the YouTube channel CinemaSins movie review on it. If you're not familiar with CinemaSins then he's a guy who basically tells you why your favorite, and not so favorite movie sucked. It's really great and I urge you to check out the channel for some really great laughs and tidbits on movies you would've never notice.

Until next time guys.

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