Race Relations | Interracial Dating

She can't love me, I can't love her
Cause they say we're the wrong color
Staring, gloating, laughing, looking
Like we've done something wrong
Because we show love strong, get real, come on
Calling us names too bad to mention
But we pay them no attention
For color blind are inner feelings
If we feel happiness
And know our love's the best, forget their mess
- Stevie Wonder

Interracial dating is something I have no quarrels with.

When people hear interracial dating, they automatically think white and black couples parading around in the streets acting better than everyone else. They tend to forget that actually means, Black & Spanish, Spanish and White, Asian & Black, Asian & white, so many different combinations, it means a lot. Of course most people would have a problem with the Black & white aspect of it all because of, racism. But the thing with dating outside of your race, it's none of my business. Now yes some people have stigmas and all kinds of other issues attached to why they date outside of their race, but there a lot of people who genuinely just find other races attractive. Now while there are many reasons as to why a person could say not to date outside of their race, to me there's only one thing that matters, what YOU want. Because at the end of the day, it's YOU who has to live the life you were given, and no one else. Now while most people don't have that option because of their environment, at the end of the day, they should.

I for one have dated outside of my race, multiple times, and not once experienced any kind of backlash for it. Actually in the 5th grade, I remember my first crush actually being a Hindu chick, who I'm still very much friends with to this day. I've dated White chicks, Spanish chicks; there was almost an Asian chick and Native American chick as well. Point being, it doesn't really matter the skin color, it matters what that person means to you and the impact on YOUR life. A lot of people get too caught up in trying to tell other people how to live their life that they tend to forget that it's not their place to tell people, who can form an educated opinion, what they can and can't do with their lives. I actually feel kind of sorry for those people that let others influence them in those kinds of decisions.

Then you have those people that want to date interracially for abstract reasons such as the "good hair & fair skin" redundancies. Those are the people that usually get highlighted for interracial dating. But I see it every day, people who date outside of their race and make it work for them. And they know that's all that matters for them, is the bond that they have. People will always make a comment about how you're supposed to live your life and their personal opinions on what you should be doing, but that's not for you to care about. I personally don't mind dating outside of my race if it came about. And every single time someone tries to be funny or tell me what I should be doing, I just let them know that it's nice to hear their concerns, but I'm really not too caring of their opinion. But that's just me, I do what I want. My advice to you, if you're thinking about dating outside of your race, to do what you want to do and be happy while doing it. After all, it's your life to live, you only get one, might as well spend it being happy.

What are your views on interracial dating? Is it a good or bad thing? Leave the comments in the comment section below.

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