SNL40 Review

Easily the best thing on TV I've seen on TV in recent memory.

I live to laugh, and if you grew up in the 90's then Saturday Night Live dominated the airwaves. A lot of people passed through the hallowed grounds of Studio 8H. You know when I do reviews I don't like giving away anything because I want you to actually go and watch whatever it is I'm reviewing. But this bought back so many memories and made me realize how much the show had on the film industry. A lot of Hollywood Royalty came from that show, and so many big names were allowed to just have fun with the sketches and do stuff outside of their scope, it's so dope just seeing that.

Three things were awesome, first was seeing all the big names coming back to respect their roots and having fun with it. It was great seeing Jim Carey, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, David Spade, Michael Myers and even the clips of Chris Farley bought back memories from when I use to watch the show personally. Seeing all those guys just walk out of nowhere and just do something funny was great for my soul personally.

The second thing was seeing Betty White; she's just so damn awesome. What was even more awesome was seeing some of the elder celebrities who've kind of ducked off from the spotlight with their older age. Jack freaking Nicholson came to the show, that's one of my favorite actors of all time. Seeing him walk out along with the likes of Chevy Chase, Jerry Seinfeld and even John Goodman was pretty awesome. I wanted Christopher Walker to have more than a two second spot as well.

And the biggest thing was honoring Eddie Murphy. Chris Rock gave a great introduction and just highlighted everything that he has done with his career since coming to SNL and subsequently saving it. But that was pretty awesome for SNL for doing that and giving him that kind of shine. Even though he didn't really tell any jokes and just did a whole bunch of clapping, it was still great to see him.

The musical guests were on point as per the usual; it was great to see the montage of all the acts that came through. One thing I didn't know was that Tupac was on the show, it was great of them to highlight that part of their montage to the guest musicians. Of course I loved the fact that Kanye was on there and performed two of his new songs that are pretty dope. But Miley Cyrus completely blew me away with her rendition of Paul Simon's 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, she did her thing. You can watch the best version on the net here.

All in all the show was pretty dope, it was a long show, but it hit on every head and kept me laughing the whole time. I'm glad I didn't have to sit through commercials and what not because I'm sure that would've made it a tad bit longer. The video packages were on point and put together greatly. The production staff, the crew and the band all did their thing. There was no better way to end the show in my opinion than with Wayne's World. Saturday Night Live definitely bought back great memories from when I was a kid and a young adult coming into the world. If you haven't watched it and you use to watch the show growing up, then I suggest watching this while you have some time to kill.

Did you watch the special, if so, what were your thoughts on it? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time guys.

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