Book Review | For Single People Who Still Understand The Value of Relationships By Rob Hill Sr.

I'm the biggest skeptic of relationship advice online, the irony right?

People tend to think that this is a relationship advice blog, when in reality it's not even close. I just write about things that I've went through in hopes of people learn something from my past dealings with the opposite sex and how I learned from those dealings. I do write blogs every now and then about how to make things stronger or some stuff to enhance, but that's based off various people that I've talked to and poled about what they would do if put in certain positions and then I make a blog based off that, but doing what Mr. Rob Hill, Sr. does, no I do not.

With that being said, I learned a great deal from this book, I do thank my homie Tiffany for passing this book along to me to check out. It definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things that I forgot and flat out didn't know about myself, females and the whole relationship process. I read this book and realized how bad I was tripping in most of my past relationships, on various topics that came up. This book is something that I will reference from time to time when I just chill out, or need a reminder of the little things that I need to do.

The book was pretty much written in a format that was easy to understand and even easier to reference, it was broken down for the intro, general knowledge and things for both sides to practice in their respective chapters. It's not filled with unnecessary point of views and wasted words; it basically gets in and gets out what it needs to. All in all, this book is great for people who understand the importance of falling in love with the right person and looking to improve on their own personal abilities and understandings of what it takes to be that kind of person worth loving when it comes that time.

Like I said, this book helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I would advise anyone who's looking to simply do better to read this book and take it serious.

If you read the book, do you have any views on the content? If you haven't, what are you most looking forward to taking away from the book? Leave your response in the comments below. Make sure you check out the author Rob Hill, Sr. located here:

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Until next time guys.

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