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Ah, one of my favorite times of the year, if I had a girlfriend.

Yea most dudes get the wrong idea for what Valentine's Day is supposed to be, it's definitely her day, and it's for her to feel a tad bit more special than the regular. Not debating that at all, I simply love it because I get to put other relationships to shame lol. I'm not a competitive person by any stretch of the imagination, but to me Valentine's Day is the one time of the year I get to match my level of creativity to other dudes and see if I can out do them, and most of the time, I do.

Now I don't go out and just buy lavish gifts, I'm creative and tend to figure out what my girlfriend at the time really wants to do and I make that happen. I feel a sense of pride being able to pay attention and figure out how to make her happy. That's the goal of Valentine's Day for me every year, and I think that's the best route to go for every man, but you know most don't have that ability.

But on the same foot I think most stress the actual day than the actual potential for greatness it could be. Is the holiday designed to get money out of us? Of course it is that's common knowledge lol. But I believe that if most just chill and take the day in and just have fun, and then it could be great. I mean Valentine's Day isn't anything more than just a glorified date with a little extra added on. But who cares, I mean are you going to complain about it every year or are you just going to actually go with the flow of something that isn't actually that bad of an idea when you think about it.

But most people won't think about it like that because either they aren't happy with themselves, don't have anyone, or aren't happy with the person they're currently dating. And that's sad to hear, but the people who genuinely want to be happy with themselves and in their relationship, they enjoy times like this. Well I can't say that, I just know that I do myself. What do you think about Valentine's Day, do you love it or hate? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time guys.

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