Winter Wonderland

I opened my eyes to the wintry wonderland that was my backyard. The snow fell slowly to a ground that was as white as a the eye, and has calm as the breeze. Snow covered shed, with tree limbs draped in snow, it was a sight to been seen, the best vision of wonder that one could possibly get.

The room wasn't dictated by the weather outside though, it was a warm, not uncomfortably hot, but it was a comfortable toasty feeling. The mattress, was so soft and plus that you just sank into it, pillows that were big enough for just one to be needed, with a giant cover that just wrapped over me nice and neatly.

With a sight like that, and a bed that comfortable, neither were the best thing about that moment.

I felt a smooth leg slowly slide across mine from under the covers, and as Amel Larrieux is playing in the background, the song says:

For the few pieces of joy I have now
You have turned on a light
And I've lost my sight
But my heart still remembers the sound
Of a dream of a love one day found

As those beautiful lyrics are being said, I pull back the cover from your head, to reveal the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, your smile. Nothing at that moment in life matters, at all. With you in all your splendid grace, and all of your love, that smile personifies who you are to me.

It's one of the rare days that we both get to just lay in the bed and enjoy the fruits of our labor, and spend it with each other. We know each other so well that we don't even have to say a word to one another, just an exchanging of smiles. We just lay there staring at each other, you running your hand through my beard.


The moments in life where you're just happy to be with someone who makes you realize that your "dream of love one day being found", is a in fact a reality. The tunes from the piano just match the comfortable mood that we are in, and Amel's vocals just serenade us into the moment even more.

I run my hand through your hair, and massage the back of your neck. I lean in to give you a kiss, not a not a tongue filled one, just a long, soft peck. I sit back and just admire how beautiful you are, how lucky I am. I couldn't imagine myself being with any other woman in this world.

Your cheeks rise, your eyes close, and your head tilts a little. That's you trying to hide the blushing that's going on, because you know what's on my mind. I lift your chin up and you look right into my eyes, and then I give you a passionate kiss. I love the fact that your love is mine, and you know mine is yours.

I pull you close and you bury your head into my chest, and I just slide my hands up and down your back. There's not a moment you feel more safe with me. These are the moments like this that I cherish the most, because you make me feel like the love from those movies exist, and that it's always been here with me.

It's the snow, it's the warm bed, it's you, and that's all I need in this exact moment in time.

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