Blurred Lines

The first time that I heard of this, I chose to keep my mouth shut, somewhat.

Now I feel like I have to speak on this because the comments of "I see nothing wrong with this” are getting out of hand. Let's get one thing clear, men and women weren’t created equally, if they were, then there would be no need to reproduce because each would be able to have the functions do so. There isn't enough Feminism or whatever dudes do to compensate in the world to let me think otherwise. Male and females do what they do for a reason because the other simply can't do what the other can, hence why when you come together, you form a bond that is needed because you have something that the other person needs.

Now for all of this nonsense about women proposing to a man, and that it's ok or nothing is wrong here, just stop, please just stop. Everything is wrong here, every single part of it is wrong. I take the institution of marriage very serious, it's not a game and it won't be for play when the good Lord blesses me with someone to enter that union with. That's why when it's that time to come; I know I will be ready. And when I'm ready, I will get down on one knee in front of the woman that I love and promise to be her protector and provider and she will accept it with the promise to be the one that holds everything together.

That's what getting down on one knee means, it means getting down and submitting to that woman that you love, that she is everything and beyond. That there is nothing on this green earth that is more important to than her and the children she will bear. When a man is down on that knee, he is getting low enough to pick you up and uplift you to the sun, to let your know that your feet are too precious to touch the ground and that you deserved to be spoiled. That's what getting down on one knee means to me, and many more men. I've seen men who have been to war seen things and lose limbs, come home to the women that held them down the whole time and helped them get back up on their feet, men with chronic pains preventing them to move around, get on a freaking knee and propose.

Think about that for a second ..

A man who is in physical pain for the rest of his life, gets down on one knee, no matter how much pain he is in, and proposes to the woman that he loves because that's what that means to him. If you as a woman, fist feel the need to even get on a knee, and secondly have a man accept that, then that man is not the man for you and you are not ready for marriage. I do not care what anyone says to me about the matter that will never be alright. It's sad that there is such a perpetual lack of men in this world that a woman even feels the need to go through with something like that, and every single person that says there is nothing wrong with that needs to check your self-worth and value, because apparently you don't know what it is.

If you as a man want a woman to propose to you, go get a boyfriend and stop wasting that young ladies life, and if you're that young lady who is getting down on a knee, take some more time to get to know yourself because clearly, as I said before, you don't know your value. It's sad that I even have to write about this nonsense, and as you can tell it does annoy me and upset me to a degree. Please women of the world stop accepting what these men are giving you and demand that they do better, because that's where it starts, with you. If you accept nonsense like this, then there's only going to be more nonsense like this in the world.

What do you think about this move or women proposing to men, do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment in the section below.
Until next time guys.

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