African Prince, African Princess

I wrote a blog back in September called African King, African Queen, it cited how sides are pivotal roles in the protection, growth, and nurturing of our community. Without each side there's nothing stopping various entities from destroying our community. But today I was taking a gander at my timeline on twitter, and I saw something interesting. The initial thing that caught my eye was a tweet about how there should be a law sagging pants, and other various comments about how unappealing and trifling it is. But the thing that made me want to talk about the youth was the subsequent remarks about how there are more pressing matters than ticketing young black men about their attire. It was pointed out that broken homes, lack of opportunities & modern day oppression all play bigger roles in the current sabotage of the African Americans in this country.

Now there are a whole bunch of eye popping statistics about how black men are held back in America, with us being profitable only in sports, entertainment and the prison system. There was actually an interesting stat that pointed out how a well off Caucasian male who squanders his opportunities is still better off than most hard working & successful African American males are. I really wished I would've saved that demographic, but eh you get the drift. There are all kinds of stats that are out there that I can put together and show how the youth is really suffering more than ever. But this isn't what my site is about, what it is about is how I feel about subject matters & this is my outlet to speak on said matters.
It's no secret that African Americans are talented in every aspect of life, when given the opportunity to be do so. I'm not here to be racist or knock any other race; I'm just here to speak on what I know, my race. When properly motivated, we can do anything we want in the world. We are physically gifted; we have the mental prowess to achieve any goal, regardless of the hardship to get there. In short, my people are an extraordinary people because for thousands of years, we had to be. It didn't just start with slavery America, it went all the way back to the times of when Alexander the great walked in and chopped off the nose of our pyramids, as I pointed out in my last article. I mean it's been going on for way longer than that. It's no secret that Africa has been robbed, raped and exploited for its history and riches. The only two civilizations that have been totally conquered, abused and written out of the history books are the African's and the Native American's. Both races have seen their rich history destroyed.
But with every spin of the planet earth comes a new day, a chance to grow and learn. It's 2014 and the days of trying to hide & not acknowledge the wrongdoings of the African American race are over. We are indeed a smarter civilization, we are healthier, and we are all around stronger people. That is why to me there are so many killings in our community, because there is no other way to suppress the growth of our race. With the advances in technology, the ability to network like no other through social media & just access to literature that tells the truth, we are becoming stronger.
That's where it stops.

While we have all these tools at our disposal, yes we use them, but not together. The missing piece in this equation is unity. Like in my previous post detailing the importance of coming together for the betterment of our race, the direct effect and reward will ultimately be that of our youth. There is so much out there for them to succeed, like I said before, the literature, the testimonies, the opportunities we provide for them. I truly believe that once we as a community can get the elders & current generation on the same page, great things can happen. We have to show the youth there is more to life than being aspiring athletes, musicians, and reality show stars. It's just like how the old adage goes: we need more doctors, lawyers and teachers in our community.

We know enough of our history to learn how to be better parents, aunts, uncles, mentors and role models. We can teach how to better manage finances, provide tutoring in areas that don't have great educational systems. We can provide programs with successful businessmen, politicians, surgeons, professors, musicians, and fashion designers who can help guide the next generation into their shoes. We can teach them all about the ins and outs of the very system that are out to destroy them, so they can conqueror and destroy it. But it all starts with unity and coming together for a greater good, the future. The old has to stop being stubborn, the current has to stop being so hard headed, and the future has to stop being so clueless.

It's all an elaborate system, just like the pyramids, the elders hold the bottom up, the current stands on their shoulders while the youth is held to the sky for the sun to shine on them and all the world to see. It's not about who can make the most money or look the most attractive, it's about preserving our history and building a better future. It's about caring for and creating leaders, so that one day they will not only uplift our own community, they will bring the world together for the better. It is possible, if you can dream it and think it, then it's very much so possible. It's not just a dream anymore, it's very much so a reality.
Until next time guys.

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