Bruce & Betty

Some guys want to be Wolverine because he's indestructible & never ages. Some want to be Tony Stark because he's a billionaire playboy genius. Some want to be Batman because he's just that much of a bad ass. Some even want to be Superman because he's virtually perfect. For me I wanted to feel relatable to my superhero. First it was Captain America, the man who everyone trusted to lead them, who would do anything to protect people for the greater good. Then it changed to Jon Stewart, the black Green Lantern, dare I say more. 

It wasn't til 2003 when I went to go see the first Hulk movie during the summer that I became interested in who Bruce Banner was. The movie was alright, but as I began reading the back story more that I became more interested in the person the comics made. He was a brilliant man who loved his job, came from a very rough place, beat the odds & made something of his life. I mean it's much complicated than that but I'm keeping it simple lol.

It wasn't until he was hit with the gamma radiation & subsequent change into the hulk, his angry raging beastly side, that we saw a full circle on who he was as a man. On one hand you had Bruce, this quiet, humble & brilliant man that was always in an emotionally compromising situation. Whether it villains or superiors at work, aka Betty's dad. Then you had the irrational Hulk whose main purpose is to smash lol, the one thing that both had in common was one Dr. Betty Ross. Betty is Bruce's whole world. In the comics they fell in love while working together on the project that ultimately turned Bruce into the Hulk, once again I'm keeping it short.

The effect that Betty has on Bruce when he's not the hulk and when he is the hulk is astounding. It seems as if when she's his only voice of reason when he's in full rage mode. That shows the depth in comics because it's showing the power of love. To be able to have someone that no matter what the situation calls for, no matter how you may feel, there's always that one person that can speak to the part of your soul and make you feel like everything is going to be alright. Not just that, they clear your mind and make you believe that you can defeat whatever it is that's bothering you.

For me, when I'm feeling stressed, super annoyed, down and out, I text one person. It's not a message that's full of me complaining about what's going on in my life at the moment, or lack thereof. It's just a simple "hey, what's going on with you" text or a phone call. I don't need to spill out everything in my heart that's going wrong. I learned that causes unnecessary stress on the other person, because if they love you like you love them, then they're going to worry worse for you than you are. Naw I just need to hear the voice, I just need to hear the little bit of love that's in there. That's what gets me back on track, that's what calms my spirit.

We all have that one person that can just whisper to your heart and mind and make everything seem at ease? Who is your Betty? Who is your Bruce? Share your stories of when someone calms you down when you're all out of sorts with yourself. Comment below.

Until next time guys.

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