Heart of A Champion

This is what pride & perseverance looks like in human form.

There was a time where I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life; I was a very lost individual. I always credit certain people with keeping certain aspects of me alive. It's not a lot of people, it's only a handful, and those handful of people mean the world to me. That leads me to introduce Ms. Sharece Crawford to the site; she is one of my dearest friends. Back in the day I was a little old country hick from South Carolina, learning about life outside of the state, even though I've been to multiple places before. This was my first time being away from home for more than two months and it was a bit of culture shock learning about people from all over the place. It wasn't freshman year that I met Sharece; it was actually sophomore year in our Voice and Diction class. I loved that class, and thinking back on it, a lot of people that I like when I was in school were actually in that class. That class actually helped tighten up my vernacular and get rid of my ridiculously heavy country accent lol.

But anyways from that class, in which I sat behind her and from us joining #TeamMCO together, I grew to appreciate the hard worker she is as a human. We shared a couple of laughs and we stayed in touch after leaving school, with every single homecoming I have to go find her to say hi, it won't feel right if I don't see her. I can say that my fondest memory from our whole time in school was that of graduation night and seeing her cheesing in her cap, I was just so proud because she went through some things and through it wall she persevered and made herself a better person instead of letting it beat her. Just her spirit and her very essence exudes an aura of "you can do anything as long as you work hard for it" kind of attitude. When they talk about keeping people around that will make you a better person, and will never let yourself defeat yourself. While not giving you any kind of handouts, they're talking about Sharece.

In recent years she's grown into quite the business woman and entrepreneur, as seen on her site Sharece Crawford Online. She was meant to push people to greater heights, as she sores to her own achievements, and it's with great humility and humbleness that I can call her a good friend of mine. They say that when you go off to college that those are the people you stay friends with for practically forever and that's holding true in this case. But I'm not getting too deep into our whole friendship because there are many aspects that aren't meant to be talked about but rather lived. I implore any and everyone who reads this to visit her site and connect with her because she can definitely bring more value to your life and the way you do things. I wish my hard drive didn't crash and I still had all of the pictures that I took with her from various times in our friendships, but this one will suffice because it not only shows how beautiful she is, but it highlights how happy she is in life, can't you feel the awesomeness radiating through this picture?

But that's all for now, you'll definitely see her at some point or another on the blog, after all I'm all about positivity and motivation, and she's definitely a force to be reckoned with in that regards.
  1. she sounds like an amazing human being! Glad you have such a wonderful person in your life!

    1. Thank you so much for that, we've been friends for what seems like forever now, I'm glad she's here as well.


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