The Ultimate Cold Truth By Dee Cross

As little girls growing up we saw it everywhere. The damsel in distress that is helpless until her Prince Charming or Fairy Godmother comes along and rescues her.

And then if you were lucky as a child, you always had your parents looking out for you. If you needed something, they got you. If you were doing something wrong, they would tell you. If you had a problem, they would help you turn it around. Our parents always came to the rescue.

Fast forward to adulthood, and some of us are still caught up in what I like to call a “rescue fantasy.” We make ourselves out to be damsels in distress waiting for a proverbial knight in shining armor, or some magical solution to our problems. Whether it be a raise at work to help us with our financial situation, or a new significant other to come along, or even a better job. We hope and wait for these things to happen, or these people to come so that things will be better for us.

Except, life doesn’t work that way. Nothing is going to magically come along and make your problems go away. The cold truth is that now, you are the only one who can turn your life around.

No one and nothing is going to save you, and this might be one of the harshest realities of your adulthood life.

If you want something in your life to be different, then you’re going to have to get your ass up off that coach, get out of your bed, and make it happen.

There is no knight in shining armor who is going to ride in on his white horse with a million dollars. The knight in shining armor is you. The knight in shining armor is within you. You are the only one who is going to save you.

And you know what, that’s great news. Because if you’re unhappy right now, you possess the power to make a change RIGHT NOW.

No one else is in charge of your happiness except you.

Stop waiting for things to happen, and go out and make them happen. Stop looking for a knight in shining armor, and stop looking for a scapegoat. Own up to your shit, and take responsibility. Make that change.

So go to that yoga class. Break up with that boyfriend. Ask for that raise. See that dentist. Learn to budget your self. Prioritize getting your nails done if you must. Ask for help when you absolutely have to. There is no shame. But do whatever you need to do, and get the job done.

By: Dee via Dee Grows Up

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