Open Letter To Darren Wilson By Lester Yancy


First of all, fuck you and the clique you claim. You represent everything that is wrong with society and you were the straw that broke the camel’s back. Everybody knew about the implied racism and segregation in St. Louis, but your actions opened up too many old wounds. I scratch my head every time I think about the fact that you’re a free man and one of the few people who can tell us what really happened is dead.

I hope you are aware of how lucky you are. You have been blessed to be able to work for an organization that goes out of their way to protect their own. Your attention span is probably short so I won’t be lengthy. I will just cut straight to the point. My belief is that you were prepared to kill somebody on that ninth day of August. Your holster was most likely unbuttoned because there should have been no reason as to why it would have come into play when you struggled with Mike Brown. Sir, you are a 210 lb man who is 6’4” and you were afraid of a Black child that only had a few pounds and inches on you. That demon look you saw, was the look of fear in a child’s face. If you called for backup like you said you did, there was no reason for you to approach him in an aggressive manner.

Don’t you insult my intelligence by saying that you thought about the legal ramifications of killing Mike. If you had that much situational awareness, you would have known that you had already shot an unarmed person. Even if you felt like he was charging you, he was disabled by your bullets. You could have simply ran around your vehicle until he got tired and passed out or until backup came. You did call for backup right? Ferguson isn’t that big, and it shouldn’t have taken that long for them to get there. You could have even let Mike run off. There was already an accurate description and he had already been shot so it wouldn’t have taken all day to find him. Just be straight up and say you wanted him dead.

Thank whoever you pray to that your employers wrote your report for you and that you had more than enough time to rehearse your story. Your story was so well rehearsed, you’re putting on an Academy award-winning performance. In your slap in the face interview, you said that you felt like Hulk Hogan was grabbing on to you. I find it real funny that us Black men turn into Super Nigga when there’s an altercation involving a White person. If at 6’4,” 210 lbs couldn’t properly defend yourself without using your firearm, you were in the wrong profession. That interview you gave hit me hard than you said Mike did. I also find it very disturbing that you said that you would have done it the same way all over again. Last time I checked, if you had to discharge your weapon, it was a bad day. I don’t know anybody that wants to have a bad day at work again.

I want to thank you though. You knocked my people down, but we have gotten back up in an organized manner. God willing, we will continue to have a sustained resistance. There are a couple of things that I would like from you though. I would like for you to go get some therapy. There’s something wrong with a person that kills another human being and isn’t somehow somewhat disturbed by it. I’ve been to war twice and its hard to talk about those experiences sometimes. Go get some help dude. The other thing I would like you to do is to go back go work. You felt like you were doing your job. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t have a problem going back to work. I really want you to go back to work so I can see if you’re really about that shooting at people life. It’s always easy to shoot at unarmed people. I don’t want to take up too much more of your time, so you have a good one.



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