Taken 3 Movie Review

Sad final chapter if this is indeed the end.

I'm a fan of this franchise, I love the concept and what they try to accomplish with each entry. The first one was brilliantly done because it was kind of something we've never seen before in the last couple of years, with Liam pulling out a great performance. The second one was a bit meh, but the action sequences were still on par and I loved the fight between the two top assassins for each side. But this movie wasn't up to the par of the first two ones at all, and it was a bit stale, which made me sad.

To me it felt a bit rushed and the for some reason, the whole plot just didn't click with me. I mean it had me in the beginning where they found out the whole deal with his wife and what not, but it just seemed to slide down hill after that. No offense to Liam, who is one of my favorite actors, he seems a bit out of breath for half of the action sequences. I actually didn't notice that until my friend pointed it out to me as we were watching it, that pretty much stuck in my head the whole time watching it, thanks jerk face lol.

But all in all, I expected more for the last entry in the series, or as they say it is. I was looking for more of a bang or a story line to set it up. I just wish that they weren't so spaced out with the sequels because I know Liam could've done more physically wise, but four years from the first to second one and three from the second to third one takes up a lot of time from a story line and anticipation. When the first one came out, it was the talk of the town, everyone loved it, and everyone was quoting and throwing out hypothetical about what they would do in that instance. This movie basically made the money it did off the first movies hype, the second ones continuing action and it's prospect of being a great ending, which once again, was a big let down.

All in all I hope this movie stays where it is in the trilogy and it doesn't go for anymore sequels or immediate remakes because I want some time to actually appreciate this series. I mean I know how Hollywood likes to shoot out stuff whenever they want, so I'm not surprised if something does come out that either mimics or gives us another entry because of said box office performance. At the end of the day I was let down by the series, but I'll still watch it sometime down the line to appreciate it and get the full picture, as many of us do after watching movies for the third and fourth time.

Did you see Taken 3? What are your views on it, does it complete the series for you or do you want to see them have another attempt at it? Leave the comments below.

Until next time guys.

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