Pushing For Propaganda

I'm not an person that's easy to rile up.

There are few things in this world that genuinely and wholeheartedly piss me off, but the past year CNN has managed to do that time and time again with their reporting techniques and etiquette. They showed Trayvon's body multiple times on their station, they showed Mike Brown's body in the streets multiple times over, they depicted Ferguson protesters as rioters and looters time and time again, and now in their latest transgression, they show Walter Scott's actual murder and subsequent actions. These events were broadcasted on national TV in many restaurants, airports, bars, homes, stores, basically any place with a television because CNN is considered the only thing that can be watched by the masses in general, including children.

I studied Mass Communications in college, for my brief time there, and there was one discussion that I had with Dr. Mitchell that was pretty eye opening when I was debating on whether or not if I wanted to pursue that direction in life. From that conversation I realized how media was really controlled by those who set out to control it. Now back then I was a kid, I didn't really put that much thought in it beyond the fact that I didn't want to be a part of something that doesn't really report what's going on in a fair light and controlled by those who gained from said manipulation of the news. Typically media has been used to control public opinion, for those who don't know that's when the media uses Propaganda to sway public views on topics that could potentially cause unrest. These techniques have been around since we could speak and subsequently elevated with every advance in technology, and it seems to be at its worse now.

I was standing at work with two of my coworkers, both females. We were talking and laughing in the break room, the normal routine for lunches. But once we caught a glimpse of what was playing on the television in the background, our moods because somber, then slowly that of anger. For twenty minutes, twenty long minutes, we had to watch them play over and over and over again the death of Walter Scott. Not the images, not the audio, not even the censored version, but the actual clip of the officer shooting and the subsequently handcuffing his dead body. There was a silence for about five minutes as we tried to process exactly what we just watched, and shortly thereafter my coworker said something that almost every single African-American feels this day, "they treat us like some kind of zoo animal on display and when we don't act right, we're put down in an inhumane way".

The fact that they never showed one beheading by Isis looped or one of the bodies shot in the movie theaters from Colorado, but felt the need to show that and pictures of the hundreds killed in Kenya just goes to show how much the media and the society as a whole values us. It's simply inexcusable the way they just show the blatant disrespect they have for us, and by large I feel ashamed that I've supported CNN for so long after watching the past couple of years. Honestly I don't trust any kind of news outlet when it comes to educating me on the current events going on around the world. If I HAD to choose one, MSNBC is the one I would go to in terms of at least attempting to be bias, Fox News being the biggest joke of them all. But regardless of that, CNN has seriously diminished any kind of hope of being a reputable news station by reporting the way that they do.

Beyond it all, it was just so heartbreaking looking into the eyes of my coworkers who were just smiling five minutes earlier and having fun, then seeing their eyes fill with frustration, anger, confusion, despair and even a slight loss of hope. These are the things that we live with every single day with no escape from, there's no hiding from being Black in this country and it's more and more evident these days that they want us to suffer for wanting to be equal. CNN and other major news outlets are just tools in that war against us, just look at the fear and anger that it causes from a single broadcast. Watching this made me realize that not even TV can serve as an escape for us, and that more than ever that now is a time for change.

CNN is the one of the biggest reasons for us to act together and take a stand from propaganda destroying us, because there's no excuse for images of dead bodies and videos of a man, a husband, a father, being murdered in the middle of the street like a wild animal not behaving anymore to those who stole him from his natural environment. It's even a bigger shame that we have to act out against and educate rather than them knowing that it's wrong.

But that's just another reminder of what it means to be black in the United States of America.

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