The Forgotten Poems, Vol. 2

So I found my old website from 2005, that I started blogging with, and it had all kinds of gems on there lol. One of the best sections was my poetry area, and I definitely found a good amount  can share with you guys. For volume two I wanted to showcase the co-written poems I did & a couple of guess submissions that I had from back then, (yes I had features even when I first started lol).

But as always, I hope you guys enjoy. And if you have any poetry that you want me to showcase, I'm more than happy to get it out there to the people, just go to the Work With CK section above and follow the directions.

Mama [with Emily Sessions]

A mother's love is hard to define,
Especially if you have a mom like mine.

She's always there through thick and thin,
That's why I consider her my very best friend.

When I get sick she takes care of me right,
And when I'm scared of the dark she shows me the light.

The one I talk to when no one else is around,
And cheers me up when I'm down.

The type of mother that really loves her child,
Is there the most when things get wild.

My mom is the only one that stood beside me for life,
Helped me and guide me to the end of my fight.

A mother's love is hard to define,
Especially if you have a mom like mine.

The Backdrop By Stephanie Ladell

Brand new Jetta
Mercedes Benz totaled
baby girls first photo
Benzes driver critical
Africa Immobile
Disease and death
Wealth and lies
Americas Fortune
Iran's cries
Birthday Kisses
Domestic Violence wishes
"Wash those dishes"
homeless man starving
buying diamond rings
begging for change
Living life empty
dying from aids
life ups and down
may smile and frowns
The backdrop of us all.
some may rise, we all fall. 


Where Is The Son Called Peace? [with Tiffani]

Freedom is something that is never sure,
People lose everything they love for something that pure
They wasn’t something new and they need something now
But all they can see is dark nights
Surrounded by dark clouds
They have goals and their minds set,
Yet the world holds them for overtime
With no sight of seeing a stable check
So when you see the poor kids what do you do
Look at the face of a young brother with one shoe

Agonizing over the fact that a promise was reneged
Refusing to claim the happiness that was so rightfully his
You call it democracy I call it a blatant trap
Been so clouded by lies the truth couldn’t be realized if l lay in my lap
Sorta confused, like an abused kid made to suffer
It was predestined then why do I feel so flustered
Raped in the physical, still pure in the biblical sense of mind
If I could I’d rewind this line
Scrape out rape mixed with hate, add love that I call mine

In a world designed to keep African Americans down
It creates a place for hate, and abuse to live more sound
If there were more doers than just the thinkers
Maybe the world would be in a state of tryin to be just a….
A place where more than just death occurs
A place where liberty would love everyone like hers
A place where our minds could feast
Maybe it would be a place where we all could feel peace
Maybe America would love other people besides Jimmy and sue
Maybe it can be a place where brother Justice, and
Lady liberty would love me too

Something unconditional, this love I’d call official
If it weren’t abandoned by two faced opinions and behavior so cynical
This world might as well become a dictatorship
Cuz every time a black person tries to make it
They be off that hater shit
Well if our way to uplift is to better ourselves
Then why not lend a hand and give us some help
So quick to leave that young boy where he lays
But if that was your kid dying to be heard what would you say?
Untitled [with Tiffani]

It’s kinda crazy cause love was once just a neighbor to some
Blinded suckas lackin hesitation
But now I find myself at loves door just knockin and waitin
Hopefully wondering if that’s what I’d call my escape
Not wanting to rush it but frantically abiding by fate
Abolishing all thoughts of idle conformity
I’d welcome the thought of love inviting me formally

I find myself looking from the outside to the in
Wondering if this door will open and let me in
Days of wanting and thinking of so much more
Has me acting like loves own special little whore
I smile in loneliness face, and think nothing of it
But feelings of the want and need
Make me wonder will anything become of it

Am I romantically hopeless or just a hopeless romantic
I’m pleading for something but can I really handle it
Who ever said that setting wasn’t an option
Instead of aborting these thoughts, I’ll just put them up for adoption

I never really knew exactly how this was suppose to go
So instead of hiding my feelings, I’ll put them in a show
I’ll let everyone know, and I’ll let everyone see
That when you look at me, its more than just my beauty
It’s my thoughts of what’s wrong and what’s right
Can you look at me and tell me, what’s wrong or what’s right

I think not cuz this whole notion lacks devotion,
Full of harsh realism in the form of deep oceans,
Tidal waves suffocating this love that I’ve been holding
Wanting to release it rapidly before it starts exploding
Lyrically inclined to set the entire record straight
Although I haven’t found the right love
I don’t think its too late
Childish Ways [Mistakes] By Emily Sessions

Though I'm a teenager, I admit I do childish things. As I get older I'll eliminate my childish ways. When I get at the point I look back at my childhood days. And I'll see how much I learned from my countless mistakes. I'm young, yeah I jump in some things too fast. I though it would be good but not long it lasts. Went with the wrong people. A few dead relationships. I didn't know back then but now its making sense. I didn't always do so good in school. Played around a lot, acting a fool. Didn't do my homework. Aww naw never studied. Just sat on the computer and conversate with my buddies. But what was funny, I passed barely, wasn't even trying.....I had D's. When the report card came yeah I was long knowing good and well I wasn't making A's and B's. Never a dumb one, I just didn't give a damn anymore. Why should I struggle? What am I doing this for. I was young and stupid, had childish ways. Those countless mistakes reside in my childish days. 
World [with Joy Newton]

Something’s I say maybe offensive
Some might even be hard to swallow
But try to imagine and care
At least try to understand and follow
Seventy percent of this world is hate and violence
But there is only thirty percent of love
So hatred will always be there to endure
Slowly vanishing thoughts about above
Terrorist kill the innocent with our spiritual leaders
With no regards to the wishes of the lord
Killing at random on the unsuspecting
Because only death can cure the sleepy bore
But every time the kill the unsuspecting, I just love'em
You ask why do I do this for
Because I believe Jesus taught valuable lessons
So when I think about them I love'em even more
I sit back daily and observe
The sad state of affairs
The world is in
People done stepped into ignorance
With a strong search for sin
Damn its amazing how our values have decreased
We hate each other....
When we have the real hatred within
We seemingly turn blind
To things like the sacred institution of marriage
Which is now polluted by making it available
To the same sex-Do we realize this Earth shrieks daily
To GOD because of the unnecessary blood it has shed?
A question that should plague us everyday:
What can I do with the sad state the world is in?......


Devon By Tiffani

look, now i know that you don't like me but i must say
being your friend and getting to know you brightens my day
beyond just a simple smile or a laugh
i gain insight enjoyment, and tough love as you so eloquently put it
you teach me to be strong about my problems or just bluntly to stop being a punk
that's why your my homie know cuz you know whats up
its not even about cracking jokes on you all the time because you truly are something special
your not like anyone i know primarily due to your mental
no I'm not calling you a retard i mean that we are similar
we tend to think on the same wavelength even when we don't express it.
though you may feel that i keep stuff from you or i just neglect to include you that's far from the truth
cuz on the real i don't easily express my self
but to you i have more so than most
for that i say your special because you extract from me joy and amusement even when I'm not at my best.
i guess you could say that, that's a definition of a true friend
someone that doesn't falsely tell you everything's gonna work when it may not,
you just simply say get the hell over it and move on
some may view this as a freaking slap in the face but i see it as tough optimism that adds variety to my thinking and my day
even our weird humor shed light on versatility and originality
that's fuses my thoughts and individuality
i must say that our meeting was luck if you ask me
because everything fell into place so easily
we clicked from the jump because your patient to the laughter I need
you even so freely express yourself when you desire cheese
oh lets not get on the whole movie thing with saw
we both enjoy horror a feeling you get when you see my claws
i figured its no better way then to crack on myself instead
but your not getting away easily not with that head
you know what the problem is your to damn kool
i can't seem to pull wool over your eyes cuz your clearly no fool
so to end this i have only one statement you so sweetly do
you know what Devon DO THE FUCK YOU! lol

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