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It's the last official cookouts of the year!

Ok that's not what this holiday is really meant to be, it was actually established to celebrate those works who basically break their back, the same ones you refuse to pay the freight for might I add, to keep this oh so great nation up and running. I could bore you with full history of this holiday came to be, but I won't bore you to death with that stuff, you can just simply read all about it here. But instead I'm going to just say how this is the holiday that basically transitions from the summer weather and straight to the fall weather, (watch how fast the game switches up in regards to that).

Majority of people are back in school but will venture back home for the last holiday of the year that allows us to be outside with friends and family while giving us a nice three day week as well. The weather has already started to shift so expect the greenery that you see all around you to change in about a couple weeks with some shades of brown. Honestly fall is my favorite time of the year for the simple of fact that it's cooler and you don't have to really put on layers just yet. But you will have to put those flip flops up eventually and break out those pants for the daytime.

But all that will come in due time, now just enjoy your final weekend of warm weather, nice green grass and the ability to stay out til 12am without worrying if you have a jacket in the car or not. This holiday will fill the air of franks and hamburgers from cookouts all around. When you're out there laughing and enjoying your holiday just remember that it was made to celebrate those who put in those 70hr weeks, never have the weekends off and who basically do the jobs that you won't even give second thought to. Today is their day and they deserve every single Happy Labor Day that can be spared by you, so if you see someone working hard tell them, it will go a long way with them and making them feel appreciated..

Happy Labor Day guys and gals!

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