Hi There Little Bear!

So as I'm sitting here going through my timeline on twitter, Cold Knowledge favorite motivator @SheSeauxSaditty brought to light a very important situation that was needed to be made aware of. Ms. Autumn, more famously known as Little Bear, is an wonderfully made, bright, full of life and vivacious 11 year old. I'm not going to tell you her whole story because I would rather you read it on her Tumblr post entitled: Little Bear & Our Journey because it's nothing short of jaw dropping how this amazing young princess and her mother @ChoklitGemini deals with her Stage III Leukemia.

Supporting Little Bear is very important to me because it's a prime example of how a child full of innocence has so much fight and strength in her that the community at large, OUR community, needs to band together and support her the best that we can. I know that most of us aren't made of money, but the money that I've donated wasn't going to serve a real purpose in my life beyond buying some sort of fast food. In that case I can definitely skip the meals and I implore you to look at something you can do without so you can help Little Bear because every little thing helps in this instance.

Even if you can't donate anything to her crowd fund here, you can show support by dropping a line on her YouTube video here, dropping a comment on Tumblr here, or even just mentioning her in a tweet with the hash tag #HiThereLittleBear. There is something that you can do to show support and that's what we as a community need to do. I would even suggest if you're in the Atlanta area to contact @ChoklitGemini to see about a possible meet up to show actual physical support for Little Bear. In a time where we need each other more than ever, reaching out to this young child is something that I feel deeply about. While I've donated and wrote this blog, I would love to travel to Atlanta if I could just so I can tell Little Bear to keep up the good fight.

I hope every single person who reads this at least does one of the things that I've suggested, because believe it or not, every little thing helps in situations like these. I know the good Lord is watching over Little Bear and her family and I wish them all the luck in the world right now and after. Below are links to important sites that Little Bear has set up for you guys to show support, hope to see your names amongst them.

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