If I Die ..

So I originally wrote this awhile ago, but I didn't really like what I wrote. But the funny thing that happened was @eversoRoco wrote an extremely well done post entitled Not A Suicide Note, and it inspired me to rewrite this whole post, scrapping the one that wasn't fit for your eyes. While this is not quite as poetic as @eversoRoco's Not A Suicide Note, I hope I can convey the same message.

The big thing going on right now is the uptick in police violence towards African Americans. We are living in a time where if you're black, you can be slain in the middle of the street, in broad daylight and there won't even be so much as whisper of any kind of punishment towards those accused. The court cases are just for show and tell, and it gives more and more cops who have no need to be cops the power to run around and violate African American's basic rights as citizens of this country.

My goal today is not to talk about the social injustices my race faces on a daily basis, but rather if I end up dead at the hands of police violence or brutality. First and foremost I want every single person that has come in contact with me, whether it be physical, verbal or here on my blog, I love my family and my close friends more than I love myself. I'm made to support and push people towards their goals in life, while that maybe very bad on me at times now, I'd rather see them smile, than for them to feel any pain. I may have my mood swings and my days where I just seem like a complete and utter douche bag, but for the most part I'm a kindhearted individual that genuinely wants the best for everyone that I come across.

Know that I've actually found my passion before I turned 30, and that's me finally being comfortable with writing any and everything that I feel like writing about. There are also posts that I haven't put up on the site that I feel are way too personal and name too many names, but when I die go ahead and post them, I'm not here anymore so it won't hurt too many peoples feelings when they read those words. I started actively writing back in 2003 and a whole 12 years later I'm finally starting to hit my groove within my own style of writing. And for the nitpickers and annoyingly overly correct know it all's, I know I have a numerous mistakes riddled throughout my blog posts, I purposely didn't edit them because it would take me forever to post due to the fact that I would always want to add something in there.

Lord if I die please don't use my super duper ugly pictures in the newspaper or circle them online, I know yall love me and all but don't do me wrong with those pictures you think I look fine in. As a matter of fact, if there is a picture you're thinking about using, then don't use that picture because I'm sure it's ugly. Just please use the picture below and use any one of the pictures that I have posted on any of my posts or social media accounts, because I'm sure I like them the best.

All in all if I die tomorrow, just know that I always stressed about taking care of people more so than myself. I know that I said it before, and I know that it's probably a big flaw in terms of progression for oneself, but that's just how I roll. I firmly believe in knowing everything the next person knows and sharing all that I know, two knowledgeable people beat two fools on any day. And for all of the people that go through my posts and try to dissect it, no I'm not a racist, I'm in deed a hater of everyone that wishes to do harm against any other human.

So if I die, just know that I loved every single thing that the Lord has given me and taken away from me, because he was always there to know when I needed the help or when I needed the lesson. Either way, I enjoyed my time here, so please don't do me wrong with the pictures, that's all I ask lol.

Until next time guys.

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