They Just Don't Get It

So I'm reading the comments on multiple blogs and news sites and this post is just a reactionary one in terms of the pure and utter bewilderment that I currently have instilled in my heart. Every single article that I read, I don't read only read to see if the point comes off as valid and makes sense, I also read it for the comments section and the reactions that come along with it. The things that I see during the time I spend on these articles are just hilarious at this point because I'm convinced that a lot of people will never fully comprehend the actual reasons why African American's lash out at things that piss us off. These things tend to include, but are most definitely not limited to: cultural appropriation on a daily basis, discrimination in advancement opportunities when clearly we did something better, calling someone out on their bullshit when they try to make a slick comment, oh and my favorite one of all time, when they kill an African American in some sort of police custody. At this point I just look at those comments and just laugh it off and keep it moving.

Why not get angry over the comments anymore? Simple, it's not worth the energy.

I've come to the conclusion that people say things like that during this day and age for three reasons: because they are truly ignorant about such said topic, they are unhappy with their lives and they want attention because of such sad life. It's quite sad when you look at it at the end of the day, and a piece of me wants to pity these people because they really never had a chance at life. It's always funny when people say that African Americans are lazy and uneducated, but in reality the people that are spewing all these hateful, false allegations, spend more time building up that kind of dialogue and less time educating themselves on factual world events to prove otherwise. There are clearly thousands up thousands of years of advancements in education, mathematics, ingenuity, health, washing our ass and many other things that we aren't given proper credit for. Hell there was a black man that created the damn carbon filament for the light bulb so that it could be used in homes for daily use, but do you know his name? No you don't, and by the way if you didn't know his name, it's Lewis Latimer, one of the greatest inventors of all time.

I say all this to say that while seeing these comments about how black people need to "get over it" that we "blew this way out of proportion", or even "we don't understand how this is affecting them", I could honestly careless about any of it anymore. I understand the power these people posses these days are strictly by word of mouth and through the internet. Hell one day when this blog here of mine blows up, the trolls will come from the furthest parts of the world, just to refute what I write because they're jackasses. But quite frankly, I could live with it simply because, I'm woke.

I know that they are scared of our intelligence, I know that they are scared of our physical abilities, I know that they are scared of what we could accomplish if given the chance to succeed. Further more, I know for a fact that they are on the ropes in terms of changing because of the recent uptick in killings. They are trying to rattle our nerves through death, and media propaganda, but the funny thing about change, you can't stop it. No matter what asinine comments you make, no matter how many times you try to get the worse picture of us or even blur out a peace sign, making it seem like we are throwing gang signs, you can't stop change from coming. 

Finally we are getting smarter, we becoming more and more hip to the bullshit, we are teaching each other and more importantly we are starting to come together. And to all my people reading this, please make no mistake about it, we have the power and the tide on our side, we are setting sail towards equality, and the first step in letting them know that they are losing is to them know that their words have no power over us. I will say that they change that we've been seeking for so long is coming in the form of the younger generation, the ones that don't care about repercussions and the future, because they know that the future is a bleak one. You guys are full of energy, more intelligent than previous generations will ever be, and you are the best hope that we have. These comments roll off my back because I know who you are, and I believe in you.

So to all of those people making those comments on all of the blogs and news postings, you better get hip to the game, pick up a book and learn something, because sooner or later your little fantasy world that you're living in is going to come burning to the ground. It's going to happen from right in front of you, right behind you, and even from within your own house. Because all of those years of teaching your kids to be hateful just like you is slowly turning into those same kids learning the truth about what's been going on. See hate isn't in your genes or passed through hereditary, it's learned and conditioned; unfortunately for you that's no longer an option.

Pick up a book, open an national geographic article and learn something. Sooner rather than later, it's going to be too late, and you'll have no one to blame but yourself. Because right now, just like the tiger in the picture, I'm tired of your shit at this point.

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