Wanderlust, Part 2

So in the first entry of the Wanderlust Series I talked about having that itch to travel and how I need to get up and do something about it. This time around I'm going to give you some ways you can prepare for actually getting ready to head out and travel. Little tips to think about before you even decide where you want to go. Some of this stuff is pretty routine and common knowledge but there are others you may have forgotten to think about when it comes time to travel.

This could even serve as a check list of sorts that you can refer to if you want to make sure that you go through all of your check downs before you actually start planning where you want to go and even after that point. Below is some links to check out as some extra information that I've found useful. But all of the points are from wiki how's Prepare For International Travel & Expert Vagabond Best Travel Tips, it's the condensed version, you can find the full explanations on the link above.

  1. Don’t Plan Too Much.
  2. Listen To Podcasts about the place you're visiting.
  3. Get a passport.
  4. Check the visa requirements for your destination.
  5. Check for immunization recommendations.
  6. Study up on the language.
  7. Back Everything Up On Your Laptop.
  8. Find out the international exchange rate by searching for currency converters online.
  9. Find out electrical standards by doing an Internet search.
  10. Research the local atmosphere, customs and manners.
  11. Learn the local dress and customs.
  12. Learn what is considered appropriate touch.
  13. Have a communication plan with family and friends at home.
  14. Pack wisely.
  15. Pack Less Stuff.
  16. Stash Extra Cash.
  17. Have a good attitude.
  18. Smile & Say Hello.
  19. Meet Local People.
  20. Eat Local Food.
  21. Take Lots of Photos.
  22. Slow Down & Enjoy.
  23. Keep Good Notes.
  24. Don’t Be Afraid.
  25. Keep An Open Mind.
  26. Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone.
  27. Treat Your Body Well.
  28. Stay In Touch.

Those are all really good points to have when you're traveling, especially for your first time. I know I'm personally going to use this list as a check down to make sure that I have everything prepped up to go for when I step on that plane. My favorite one had to be #24 & #25, don't be afraid and keep an open mind. If you're going somewhere you've never been before and only seen in the magazines or on TV, why are you going there to be complacent or to act scared? You weren't there for a reason, don't get all over there and back to say that you wish you did this and that. Let the only reason that you didn't do something is because you didn't have the time to do it, that's the only acceptable one.

Those are just some of the things that I've jotted down when I was doing my research. I hope that you guys enjoyed the list and if you have any suggestions to add just leave them in the comments below and I'll gladly add them if they're good. In part three I'm going to share my top 10 places I want to visit and why, so be on the lookout for that one before the end of the year. Make sure you check out part one here: Wanderlust, Part 1.

Until next time guys!

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