Blessings In Disguise

Life is hard.

That's nothing new to anyone, now what's hard about it is that sometimes things don't go exactly as you planned or hope for. Sometimes you get to a point of frustration and you just don't know what to do anymore. You get so down you just say whatever and just stop caring or trying anymore, and for those of us who can't afford to think like that, it's thin line that we can't cross over. Currently I'm going through the motions of certain things and I'm trying to get certain situations in order so I can thrive and prosper, and it's one thing that's holding me back from that. And anyone who's been in my position knows there's nothing more annoying in this world than being so close, yet so far away from your goal. And I've kind of been stagnant for awhile now.

I got to that breaking point, but I didn't break.

I went out for a hike to clear my mind and boy did it suck, it sucked soooo bad lol. Like I have a bad back and two bad knees, on top of that I didn't wear any of my braces or the correct shoes for hiking. So I just set myself up for failure and just wanted to quit right out of the gate, but eh I decided not to. I did my normal routine of hiking the trail and then going to the grocery store, getting something to drink and then hiking on back. But instead of just going back home I decided to stop by the Chinese spot near my apartment. I guess the look of "my life sucks at the moment" was written on my face because when my order was up and I went to pay for my food the lady behind the counter said, no charge and that "all men see constant darkness, it's the ones willing to fight to see the light that appreciates life the most".

I didn't know what to say, she told me to have a good night, I said thank you and we both smiled at each other before I left. I use to think that I had the most random experiences when it came to things like this, but then I sat and thought about it on my way back home, this isn't anything but God. There's no other explanation for it, and I refuse to accept any other explanation for it. Every single time that I've been afflicted and every single time that I've been so down that I didn't want to get up, He's been there to pick me up and He's been there to show me that although I think things are the absolute and I feel alone, He's always there walking with me and to never give up.

So in short this post is just me thank God for not giving up on me, showing me time after time that I'm not done growing yet and that the struggle is for a reason. I know a lot of my readers are from different religions and different backgrounds, but for those that do believe in God, just know that He's real and that he's always around when you need him, even when you don't realize it. So just stay strong and keep pushing forward because one day it will all make sense and it will all come together like it's suppose to.

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