Hartford King's Beautiful Back To School Support

This was a great day.

I know I'm about late as all out doors but Hartford King's School kids had an awesome welcoming committee. More than a 100 men lined up to welcome back the kids to school and show support within their community. Businessmen, lawyers, community organizers, city politicians, artists, neighborhood dignitaries, a police officer, everyone they could find showed up and greeted these kids the best way imaginable. This is all apart of an initiative to raise the graduation rate from 71% to 90% by 2020 and I say this is the best way to get the ball rolling. Having the community come together as one and showing these youngsters that they have the support they need and having it shown by black men is an even more important feat.

In a time where men, women and children of color are dying in the street by droves, this kind of news is ALWAYS welcomed, and the lack of media coverage for something spectacular is typical but they won't go unnoticed here on Cold Knowledge. I want to say thank you to everyone who put this together and I want to say Good luck to all of the kids attending Hartford King's School, you have high expectations placed upon you, but with the support of your community and handwork you can do anything you put your mind on!

Check out some pictures below from the article written by Vanessa de la Torre of the Hartford Courant, they are amazing!


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