End of 2015 Movie Roundup

So summer 2015 yielded the second best summer of all time, even though the results were top heavy.

 13. The Perfect Guy

Starting us off is a movie that caught my attention as soon as the trailer appeared on my timeline. Usually movies like these don't catch my attention because I'm not really into the whole psycho love drama kind of movie but the way Michael Ealy switches it up in this role has me interested enough to see what's going on. Sanaa Lathan will be her usual on point self and I finally get to see a movie where Morris Chestnut will use that same mean face that he has in all of his movies to more than likely, (or I'm just really hoping here), to whoop some ass. I think this has drawn the attention of a lot of people and if there are enough positive reviews per word of mouth then this movie should easily take off and make some head way. I have high hopes and expectations for this movie and it can easily move into my top 10 for the year when it's all said and done.

12. Concussion

Here at number 11 is another movie I didn't really think much of until I saw the trailer. I knew the movie was going to touch some sensitive areas in regards to the NFL and concussions, but I didn't expect it to go straight for the jugular. Typically stars tread lightly around certain roles that may have a negative impact on their career in regards to business' supporting them. The NFL runs ads all of the time for movies and other organizations, and Will Smith has had plenty ran during games. This trailer has me anticipating the movie and hopefully it lives up to the drama that is portraying. If done right then this movie can shed a light on the nasty side of the NFL that we all know is there, and it can open a lot of doors that the NFL doesn't want open. This is another movie that can easily move into my top 10 for the year if it lives up to expectations.

11. The Hateful Eight

What's drew me into this movie first and foremost was the fact that it's a Quentin Tarantino movie, and I just simply love his movies. The second part was the actual casting of the infamous eight: Samuel L. JacksonKurt RussellJennifer Jason LeighWalton GogginsDemián BichirTim RothMichael Madsen and Bruce Dern. That is a very solid movie lineup there folks and usually Tarantino gets the most out of the actors that he works with. I'm excited to see how they all mesh together and how they all have a knock out movie. It comes out on Christmas day, same time as another movie on this list, so I might go see it or I might wait for the Janurary release to give it's proper watching. Either way this movie is going to be something awesome and I implore you to watch, if you like Django type westerns that is.

10. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

So I didn't actually watch this film series until I nut checked myself and saw Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. Granted I was jumping around like a little sissy but for the most part that film told me all that I needed to know about that franchise and tied up a lot of loose ends apparently the series had. Now when I watched this trailer initially I wasn't scared at all, I mean I watched a few parts of the other movies and it absolutely made me act like a little girl lol. Some people say that this series wasn't scary to them, while others say that it was, me personally I don't like to mess around with realistic scary movies because it opens too many doors that don't need opening. But I'm going to gut check myself one more time and go to see this because I said before that this doesn't look too bad and I'm good money. This is going to be a great movie to watch on Halloween.

9. Daddy's Home

Finally a Will Ferrell I can sink my teeth into. His last couple of outings have been sort of a miss for me, even my beloved Anchorman was flat. But this movie has so much promise and it reunites him with Mark Wahlberg, whom the two have great chemistry with each other from working on the film The Other Guys. It has a pretty basic premise and doesn't try to overly complicate things. I think the comedic abilities of both Will & Mark will be on full display and it will make for a feel good movie since it's coming out on Christmas as well. I know I'm going to see this movie sometime in January because once again, there's another movie opening on Christmas day that will trump it. I have faith that this movie will be funny and I believe it will do well since it's returning to the basic elements that make Will funny.

8. Point Break

When I heard that this movie was coming out I automatically screamed no from the top of my lungs. The original 1991 movie with veteran Patrick Swayze and young pup Keanu Reeves and villain Gary Busey could not be outdone in my book, until I saw the trailer. The film looks amazing! It doesn't rely on a lot of CGI or over the top special effects. It seems like most of these stunts were stunts and not something set up on a wire. I'm totally here for this movie for the simple fact in which the film is shot and the story line has a realistic feeling to it. And that last clip of them and the waterfall is crazy. I'm basically here for all of the stunts and the apparent great acting that's going to come along with it. Sadly this movie is yet another Christmas release that is going to take a backseat to the movie that has yet to reveal itself on this list. But never the less I'm excited to watch this movie.

7. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

When I watched the first part of this movie I did so on a lazy Sunday afternoon, what I didn't expect was that it was actually going to turn out to be a good one. I can only do so many dystopian films, (which seems to be the focus as of late with a lot of teen fantasy movies), but this one was chalked full of action and drama. It wasn't a cheesy love affair that I thought it was going to be and evidently a lot of people were thoroughly impressed after watching it on DVD when it came out. The trailer for the second entry looks great as they look to spare no expense for the film. My man Little Finger from Game of Thrones is in this so I know it's going to be something special because he's one of my favorite actors. I actually purchased all of the novels for the simple fact that I'm going to read them upon the completion of this series. Luckily for me this movie doesn't come out on Christmas and it comes out before what seems the dead period before the movies pick back up again. I might invest in going to see this in IMAX that's how ready I am to see this.

6. Creed

Every single time I watch this trailer I can't help but wonder how he managed to do that 10 punch combo, I want to do that lol. But this movie seems like it's going to be a good one for the simple fact that Sylvester Stallone didn't make this all about Rocky, which was smart, and grabbed one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood, Michael B. Jordan. He even went a step further and secured the directing services of Ryan_Coogler of Fruitvale Station fame to give it the necessary depth that it needed since the main character is that of a black man. The movie sets itself up from previous issues in the Rocky franchise surrounding Apollo Creed. Also making an appearance in this film is one of my absolute favorites and legend Phylicia RashādTessa Thompson and Wood Harris. So to recap, the movie has great storyline, a legendary actor and actress, an up and coming actor and actress and a proven director. If that doesn't spell a great movie then I don't know what will. I know I'm going to go check it out on Thanksgiving day since usually the football game doesn't do anything for me. This movie has the potential to move into my top 5 for the year.

5. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2

So comes the final chapter in a movie series that majority loved and I tolerated for the last two installments. I think for me this movie will vindicate the transgressions that Part 1 failed to live up to. The trailer for the final confrontation looks epic. I love the whole deal where the capital is transformed into an actual arena and I feel like there are some pretty cool things that we have yet to see, (well at least that's what I'm hoping for). I was waiting for this Katniss to come out, the one who wanted to kick ass and not take any prisoners. I haven't read any of the books so I'm really hoping for a major swerve or death to happen at the end. Either way this movie will live up to expectations and it will deliver, smart move by having it come out a week before Thanksgiving so that it gives families time to plan around the feast and the movie for desert.

4. The Revenant

All I'm going to say about this movie is that if Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't get an Oscar or an Acadmey award this year for this then there is clearly a conspiracy against this man. This movie not only looks great but I can tell already that his acting is going to be top notch, per the usual. What makes me even more excited about this movie is the fact that my man Tom Hardy is also in this film. I didn't see this movie until way after I made my rankings and this automatically shot straight up the list. This movie has all of the ingredients of a big time movie this year, I'm looking for it to crack my top 5 and even quite possibly my top three for the year. #TeamLeoD!

3. Black Mass

I just love me a good Johnny Depp movie. The trailer for this movie combined with his acting chops has me waiting anxiously on the release of this movie. I'm really hoping that this movie lives up to it's trailer as just being a bad ass movie where he just goes around kicking people's ass and just not caring. He seems to have his character down to the T. Surrounded by an all-star cast that includes Benedict CumberbatchJoel EdgertonKevin BaconDakota JohnsonCorey Stoll and just so too many to name at this current moment. It's not too often you see this collection of great actors and actresses all in one movie being led by a man with the chops to shine above the rest. Johnny is one of my favorite actors and I firmly believe in him and this movie, that's why it's ranked number three.

2. Spectre

Daniel Craig's time as James Bond is coming to an end, but with each entry into the franchise he's slowly becoming one of the best to ever do it. It seems that his build up to his speculated last film in the Bond franchise is being brought in with a bang and it's not holding any punches. Wind broke that the movie was over budget and certain producation dates for the time frame it wanted to be released. I don't really care about all of that, the only thing that I care about is the fact that I get to see him do even more cool stuff while getting even more awesome toys and sexier women. The other parts of this movie that have solidfied it for me was the casting of Christoph Waltz and Dave Bautista, both of whom have made their way up my favorite actors to watch right now. Like all Bond trailers released, it has me hyped and the film looks beautiful. This movie is going to come out around Halloween which gives me ample time to check it out way before the Thanksgiving holiday. I mean I already have an idea of what the movie is about, but I'm sure it's going to shock me at some point. I'm going to throw my money at this movie just like I've done the last three installments.

Spectre would have been my number one anticipated movie of the fall / winter if it wasn't for one movie ..

1. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens


Ok now that I've gotten the fan boy out of my system we can properly talk about this film. So many things to say about this movie, but not enough space. Of course the film looks beautiful and it stayed true to the franchise by using minimal special effects and actual real real actors in various costumes, check out the feature here. I just know that J. J. Abrams is going to do a great job seeing as how he revived the Star Trek franchise so the proof is there that he can deliver the goods in terms of keeping true to a franchise. More so we get to see new characters and slew of our old and iconic characters return. There are a lot of theories as to what story line is going to be told from the many books and some say it's an all new story line, either way this movie will be the best movie of the year based off sheer hype. Thinking about this movie is giving me the shivers. It comes out the week before Christmas, but lets keep it real here, we're going to see it on Christmas day if we can wait that long. Barring any kind of crazy setbacks this movie will hold the top spot for movie of the year and will further cement Disney as the go to movie studio in Hollywood. I'm sorry but the fan boy in me won't calm down and I'm so excited for this movie.

Here are some other movies that didn't quite make the cut:

Movies that just missed the cut & I'll probably go see at the dollar theater randomly:
The movie's who's trailers looked good, but I'm going to wait for them to come out on DVD.:
The Peanuts MovieGoosebumpsThe MartianCrimson PeakSteve JobsNo EscapePan

What do you think about my list? Any movies that you think should be added or taken away? Leave it in the comments below. I hope you guys enjoyed this addition of movies I'm looking forward to seeing and thank you for the feedback to post trailers rather than actual movie posters. If you have anymore ideas or suggestions just leave them in the comments below or contact me on any of my social media or email.

Until next time guys!

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