Blogging While Male & Black

I didn't really realize that there was a lot of questions surrounding my status as a Male blogger until I started talking to a couple of my peers and readers about my personal life. I know that I'm a tad bit vague on my bio and I don't really mention too much about my actual personal life. I mean I designed it to be that way, but since you know, the blog is growing every month, I figured it's time to put some of these questions, and a couple of rumors and ill perceived notions, to rest. You know how much I love lists on this site, so I think one would suffice here with a couple of general facts about myself. I'll be as clear and concise as humanly possible so that there isn't anymore confusion or random comments lol.

So without further ado:

1. I am indeed a male. | Most of the time when people comment on my posts they do it with the perceived notion that I'm a female. Even before I changed my avi on twitter recently most, if not all, of my followers thought I was a female. Well I'm sorry to bust the bubble on that one, I'm actually a 5"11, 250lb African American Male. I've been that way since November 11th, 1986, (yes I'm an 80's baby), and I have no plans on changing that ever. Recently I found out that I'm the resident male black blogger for the time being with a lot of bloggers within my network upon them finding out that I am indeed a male, I'm honored but that's funny at the same time lol.

2. I'm not here for coitus. | Contrary to popular belief, I didn't start blogging to pick up chicks. I've actually heard this way more in person from people that have know me for a good chunk of my life. Not too sure where they got that notion from seeing as how I've made it well known that I don't like chicks that are out there and promiscuous. Plus I'm at a point in life where even causal sex doesn't even interest me like they did before my younger days and sometimes in the military. I'm more so into personal connections that are for a lifetime; you know how the saying goes: the older you become, the less you have time on trivial things.

3. And no that doesn't mean that I'm gay. | This is a pretty funny one because I'm pretty much one of the only males that doesn't broadcast his type or always post thirsty comments towards women that give off the indication of attraction. I do that because I don't want everyone in my business when I am with someone, I mean I may say something here or there, but for the most part, I'm not really into the whole broadcasting thirst. I've been asked a few times from a couple of random bloggers if I'm gay because they've never met a guy who's willing to talk about feelings and emotions in depth. I'm sorry that you don't know anyone as awesome as me in real life, but sorry to burst your bubble, I'm not into dudes.

4. I do have a full time job. | While I do love blogging and hope that one day I can just do it solely for a living, I'm currently working a full time gig. I have a lot of goals blog wise and a big vision, but in my current career I also have a couple of goals I want to achieve before I walk away. I'm currently working within the IT field with a fortune 500 company and I really want to make the best out of my situation with them, once I do that and my blogging gets on par with where I want to be in terms of supporting myself, I'll revisit this discussion. But for now, I'm a full time working adult.

5. I don't live at home in the basement with my parents. | And while I am working a full time job is awesome and all, it does allow me to pay enough bills where I don't have to live at home with mama. I live in Raleigh, NC, while my father lives in another part of North Carolina and my mother lives in South Carolina. I know that it's not a bad thing if a person needs to live at home with their parents because of a unforeseeable situation, luckily I've never been in that dire of a situation after the age of 25. I haven't lived at home since I was 18 beyond the dog days of summer between semesters, and even that stopped once I went to summer school. So to those that think I sit in an all black room making things up while eating Cheetos and playing my XBOX One, sorry to burst your bubble on that as well.

6.  I am also single. | I don't have any kids anywhere on this planet, nor am I married with a woman on the side. People in real life can't believe that a 28 year old African American male doesn't have one or the either, let alone has ever had one period. I will admit that I've dodged a lot of bullets, and I mean a lot, but at my current state of life, I don't have any or any prospects. If you see a child on any of my social media or on any posts, just know that I'm related to them in some fashion. I have a couple of nephews, a niece and a very younger sister, so those all could seen as a little confusing. Also if you see any woman on my page in a picture with me, just know that's my friend and not anything more. Trust me when I get a nice young lady in my life that I like enough to post, you will know, after I post her lol.

7. I do watch sports. | Even though I don't talk about them enough, I do watch sports, but just not as frequent as I would like to. I'm typically on the run a lot, so the most I get to do in regards to watching sports is catching the highlights. Now I will stop my day to watch my favorite teams, which consist of the South Carolina Gamecocks, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Steelers, Orlando Magic and sometimes the Carolina Hurricanes depending on how I feel on the the day. I also watch wrestling seeing as how my dad was a real big fan of it back in the day and it rubbed off on me. I routinely check Yahoo Sports and ESPN as apart of my daily routine along with Lords of Pain, which is a wrestling site, to keep up with all of the highlights and things I may have missed. So no, I don't watch reality television at all, I still stick to my guns here.

8. I'm not always on my personal CPU, in fact I'm rarely on it. | People seem to think that I live on my laptop because they always see me on twitter and links are constantly posting. Sorry to burst your bubble on that one as well, I don't spend my whole entire life devoted to tweeting links. I use Hootesuite to tweet old links, which takes about an hour or so once a month, and then I use TweetDeck to schedule out my daily tweets, which takes about 30 minutes or so. So I actually probably spend about maybe an hour or two at most doing stuff blog wise a day. I say that because it depends on how long it takes me to write a post when I'm not distracted. Usually I can crank out a really good blog in under about 45 minutes when I'm focused. This goes back to me not living in my parents basement, sitting in front of a computer screen al day, I just don't do it.

9. I'm not Drake level sensitive. | When I first started blogging I use to do it so sporadically and when I did do it I was talking about relationships or venting about a chick, (hey I'm not perfect you know lol). I would say back then I was girl crazy because I was all of 22 and didn't know any better. But with me taking blogging more serious I'm trying to show a range of other things that I like that doesn't concern relationships all of the time. I don't walk around in real life crying into a napkin, wishing a woman would come back home. You guys are getting the most insight into my emotional well being than people who see me everyday do. But in regards to being sensitive on that Drake level, nah I'm pretty reserved in that regards.

10. I've been blogging before blogging was a thing. | Granted blogging has been around since the early 90's, I've been blogging roughly for the last 12 years. I usually say that I started blogging in 2009 when in reality it was 2003. I have a website up that I created when I learned basic C++ coding and I started a thoughts section on there. It's funny because that website is currently still up and going but I've abandoned it for good reason. I left that blog roughly around 2007 I want to say because I didn't want to have to keep up with it. I returned back to actually blogging on blogger in 2009 after friends suggested I start one after a series of notes on Facebook. So I've actually been around the blogging world for 12 years and that's how Cold Knowledge came to be, sort of.

Those are ten facts that people should know about the man behind Cold Knowledge. While I've been told that at the current moment I am the premier male black blogger because no other male black blogger is putting in the work that I am currently putting in, I also cannot wait for that day that they do. I'm not even remotely close to those people that shy away from the responsibility of being a leader, I just would rather have a peer of the same sex providing a view from our angle. I know that I have to set the standard and show what a male black blogger should be, and I hope a lot will follow in my steps in terms of work ethic and networking, then take it to higher levels.

It's hard work this blogging thing is, so not to sound a bit douchey, I would like to be given credit for being a male black blogger seeing as how we're so scarce, and especially the ones who write in the manner in which I do. I hope that cleared the air for anyone still confused about who the creator, editor and content creator behind this blog is.

Until next time guys!

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