6 Types of Women I Won't Date

So with all of my failures when it comes to dating women, (and I have my fair share of them as well), I've come to realize that there are certain types of women that I run into frequently. As the years have progressed, so has my ability to spot these women out in the beginning, thus eliminating the time that I waste on getting to know them, wine and dining them, etc. etc. Now there are some dudes out there that want to do right, (no we're not all out to hump every single thing that moves), but they're not up to speed on the types of women they should avoid.

That's where I come in lol.

Now ladies, if this doesn't apply to you, then simply agree or keep it moving. This isn't really a discussion piece because let's be real here, there are tons of posts out there bashing men endlessly into the ground for not being up to par, so no need to get offended when a man writes one about the women who aren't up to par. Just like some men, there are some women in this world that's no good, so try to keep that in mind before you think I'm bashing all women, because I'm not. Plus if you start going off on some foolishness all I'm going to think of is that old saying "a hit dog will holler".


Any who, without further debate, let's jump right into it shall we?

1. The Nagger | She's always complaining about something you're doing, or not doing, such as breathing. Now one thing that I cannot stand is someone that nags me to death. Whether it be a girlfriend, a friend, my brother, my mama, my supervisor, anyone, I just don't do nagging. So for you to nag me when I'm at home in my solitude or out in public when I'm trying to have fun, then that's the fastest way to make your exit from my life. This woman will literally complain about the dumbest things at the most inopportune time. She will ask you why you didn't text her back two weeks ago while you're trying to watch the football game, while you're at the actual game. Then she'll keep bothering you about doing something that's not even important. Now granted that everyone views problems differently, but this woman will have even the most random people scratching their heads like "huh"? But as for me, you can keep that, I'll find someone with a little bit more common sense.

2. The Worrier | The woman who always thinks of any and everything that will go wrong, then proceeds to go overboard in saying that it won't get better or they don't know how it will get better. This type of woman grinds my gears because they have a constant negative outlook on life and never changes her mindset. I'm just confused at how anyone thinks that being with this kind of woman will yield any kind of results other than a giant headache. I personally never want to be with this kind of woman because when the going gets tough, it's going to be just that tougher because she doesn't know how to be anything positive. You can keep you and your ashy ass worries away from me and my positive thinking mam, I don't need your troubles.

3. The Pusher | The only female in the world that always wants you to commit to the future long term, even though you just met five minutes ago. This kind of woman is so annoying because she's always trying to pressure you into settling down and making long term decisions and you've literally just met. I've ran into this chick many a time and every single time I've ended things promptly. I mean I want to settle down as much as the next guy almost hitting into his 30's but at least let me learn your birthday and meet your parents before we actually sit down and start talking about a future together. I know I've rushed before but this kind of chick literally wants a life commitment just three weeks after I meet them. Sorry mam, but you and your 30 day marriage proposal plan isn't my thing.

4. The Angry / Crazy One | Point blank period, she's bat shit crazy. Don't ever, and by ever I mean NEVER, in your life get with this kind of woman. She's pure hell and she's straight up drama in human form. This is nothing but pure misery and hate manifested into your soul by a person who's soul purpose is to suck at life and to drag you down with them. If you think I'm being harsh then you need to check again and think about all those times you were in public and you saw a girl going off and doing the most to her man or her children, yea that's the chick right there. Usually this chick has nothing going for herself other than to make everyone hate themselves or herself because deep down inside she hates herself. There's no real explanation needed as to why you should stay away from her. Just know that EYE will not be dibbling or dabbling with this kind of woman, ever.

5. The Undecided | The woman who thinks she wants to settle down but when reality hits, she runs for the hills because she's not ready for that level of commitment. Now usually you don't know who this woman is until you date her. And usually you'll see the signs AFTER you get into a relationship. Fellas don't be fooled for one second into thinking that we are the only ones capable of this behavior, I've seen it first hand and pretty recently I might add at that. You can kind of tell who that woman is depending on her current stature in life. If she is always talking about not being fulfilled or being unhappy at her current job, then it's a clear sign. The tricky part in all of this is that it could go either way, but for the most part it's a chance that you have to decide whether or not you're going to take. For me, I can't risk it because it's one of those high risk / low reward kind of deals. After this last one, if a woman tells me she's unhappy and wants more out of life, I'm going to kindly head for the hills out of myself simply because another person can't fill that kind of hunger.

6. The Hoe | Is it daddy issues? Is it self-esteem issues? Or does she simply just like having sex with a bunch of guys? Regardless of how you try to rationalize it, this woman is definitely not the one for you, (unless you're just into casual sex and that's all it is, although we all know that isn't really the case). Typically, but not always, this the one who has commitment issues and deals with it through sex and sometimes thinks it's acceptable to be in a relationship with you while doing it. There's not a lot of rational behavior that goes on through this young ladies mind except that she's going to get what she wants at the end of the day, probably because she doesn't know any better. Either way this is going to be more a headache than anything for you. If you start to see the signs, which I know I don't have to state, then run as fast as you can. Because if you don't, you'll more than likely end up on Murray getting a test done, and you might end up doing the Kid N Play dance.

Now these are MY reasons for not dating these types of women. Now I'm not a hypocrite, I know that all women aren't the same or perfect, but after while a lot fit one of these descriptions. I mean I try to make it work in most cases, but after awhile they don't change for themselves then I know I can't help them. If dating was easy then I would be married with two kids by now, but it's not and sadly most, not all, women that I've dated have fit one of these descriptions. I mean it's life, I just got better at recognizing these women and ways to avoid them.

Such is life.

I know what I said before about this not being a discussion, but you know I was just kidding. Tell me what you think in the comments below, I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.

Until next time guys!

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