I Love You Queen

I really do love you women folk, unapologetically.

I honestly never thought that this would become an actual thing, ya know, the whole new trend of hatred for the very women that birthed us and loved us like no other kind of woman ever will, is very bogus. I think the whole reasoning behind this is that there is a lack of understanding of how the African American works. Well let me fill you in fellas, what makes the African American woman so special is the fact that she can do any and everything she wants to with no help. The one thing that they want in this world, the one thing that they desire is the dependability, security and support of African American male. It's true, their love doesn't require much, if not very little.

Now I know what you're saying in your head, "what about them gold diggers or hoes that go around messing it up for the good women", well those same women you call hoes and gold diggers are those same good women that you're referring to. Hear me out, these same women that result in doing things of that nature are the same women who have been hurt by a man at some point in their life, whether it be their father or a guy they loved with all their heart. I've covered the way a woman loves in my blog "A Woman's Greatest Gift", in it  I talked about how a woman loves differently and deeper than a man can ever comprehend. Once I gained that realization, it opened up a whole new world of thought for me.

I know that doesn't make sense to a lot of guys out there, and some women will probably even think that a man can't influence them that much in life, and that's fine by me. But I know that African Americans were made to be special, I believe that we are made for one another, and once we find that one person that complete us in the way we need to be, then you'll see how that all makes sense. And it doesn't even have to be a love interest, significant other or spouse. Being a good friend can also do the same wonders for a woman that being her boyfriend can. She'll see that there are still good men in this world and will have the patience to chill more so than to go out and do anything. But that's another story for another time.

But all in all, I love you African American women, even there are no other men on this planet that won't do it. I love how your natural hair looks; I love how you wear pretty clothes that make you look smart and nerdy. I love how you go to Starbucks and get those coffees that make you look all fancy and what not. I love how you know just enough about sports and everything else that I like to hold a conversation but not enough to debate me about it. I love how you look all cute when you're bummy and at home chilling watching movies and eating junk food. I love how you know that I'm a guy and I'm pretty slow about a lot of things so you dive into your patience pool with me. I love how you have your own opinions on things and we don't agree about every single thing. I love how you have your own dreams, aspirations and goals that you want to complete. Most importantly, I love how you value my importance in your life and how you don't belittle the fact that we need each other to succeed in life.

I love all of my Queens.

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