Holidays Aren't My Cup of Tea

I just want to point out that people say the dumbest things to me sometimes, when they don't understand my logic. I tell people all the time, what I do doesn't have any kind of bearing on your life, so don't worry about it. Then what do they decide to do, worry about it. For whatever reason that clicks in their mind, they have to feel as though they are right and I need to live by their standards. Well I'm here to say this much:

Can you please cut the shit?

There are instances that can apply to people doing this, but the most recent and the most notable are holidays. My big thing with holidays are that I never enjoyed them, there for if I never enjoyed them, why would I continue trying to celebrate them? I mean yea I love Thanksgiving because of the family and the great food. I like my birthday because of the free Starbucks drink, but beyond that, I'm good. Well I take that back, Valentine's Day because I get to spoil her more so than I usually do, whenever there is a her. But beyond that, holidays just aren't for me.

And no I am not bitter about never having a great holiday.

I mean growing up when you have younger siblings, every year it becomes less about you and more so about them. So about time when we all were older, I had phased out of that part of life. I never believed in Santa Clause, I never believed in the Easter rabbit, and I most certainly did not believe in the tooth fairy. That's just not who I am, I was never in la la land with it. I mean if you believed in that kind of stuff, then more power to you. I just hate that when people come to me and start attacking me for not believing or even wanting to celebrate. Then I hear the next typical line:

Oh your kids are going to suffer like you huh?

No, no they are not. My kids are going to grow up and they're going to enjoy every single holiday. Why do you ask? Because they are CHILDREN, what kind of sick person goes around depriving kids of the right to live in a fantasy world and have fun with it. That's what kids are suppose to be, cute, adorable and innocent. Just because I wasn't in a situation where I could enjoy holidays like that, doesn't mean for a second that  I'm going to do that to my children. I'm probably actually going to like the holidays then, when I have my own family to do things like that for.

But until that day comes, then I'm not going to stress any holiday really beyond Thanksgiving, because that's an important family holiday. People should really learn to not press the issue with every single thing they feel to be important to THEM. I mean I think having immaculate couth is important, but you don't see me complaining to you when you're walking around here with stank attitudes. One of the many reasons why I withhold the majority of my personal life. Because the asinine comments really give me headaches. Just for once, let a person be, and if they feel like celebrating, be more so understanding that it took them a long time to get to that point in life.

So at the end of the day folks, at least understand how annoying it is when you challenge other people's way of life. Just at least respect it in some fashion.

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