My Favorite Rap Artists, Vol. 1 | Jeezy

Oh Lord! I woke up this morning and started praying.
And only niggas feeling my pain, know what I'm saying.
- (Enough, 2014)

Jeezy is the ultimate motivator.

I use his music for everything I need in regards to getting motivated to do something, if you ask anyone, they'll say that they use his music to work out to. For me I use it for that and just waking up period and getting it in my mind that every day is another day to make decisions that affect money, your family, just your very way of living. Like his music isn't something you just jam out and listen to, then discard it when you're done, only listening to it when it comes up on a throwback mix. If you listen to a lot of his more in depth tracks, they actually have a message. His 2008 album The Recession was probably one of the most important albums since 2000, I'll even go as far as saying period. That album spoke on all of the things that were plaguing all the people affected by the recession going on in the country. He was the only person at that time directly mentioning and saying something about it, and not trying to keep up with the facade of being a rapper. He's also done a lot of things for the community since then, and not a lot of it was high profiled.

I always tell the story of how I met Jeezy when he was first coming out, it was the summer of 2003, he was at Morehouse where my summer program was and he was handing out his mixtape Tha Streetz Iz Watchin. That mixtape is still my favorite one from him all time, probably because he actually handed it to me and actually talked to us. He wasn't trying to push his music off on us, he was actually telling us that what we were doing was important and that whether we came to Morehouse or went back home to always value education and make a way through that and not the streets. He even told us at one point that he was proud of us for spending a summer doing that rather than being out in the streets hanging out. I will forever have respect for Jay Jenkins for that, that moment he became one of my favorite people of all time.

The last time I saw him was actually at a concert back in 2007 when then up and coming Rick Ross, Pastor Troy and Jeezy all threw a joint concert. That concert was still one of the best concerts that I've ever been to in my life, and I haven't been to many. To me a concert is supposed to be hype, get you out of your seat and just all kinds of raunchy, depending on that artist. Man Pastor, Ross, and Jeezy all came in and killed it, I felt like that concert was over way too fast man. But that was one of the best nights before I got into my car accident, but that's another story for another time.

All in all Jeezy has grown as artist and a man with his content and contributions to the community. I mean he's human and he's run into legal problems lie most entertainers do, but for the most part he's managed to do the right thing and expand his music endeavors. He shed his label of being just a trap artist and started making a lot of positive music while switching up his sound a bit. I for one don't mind it because it shows a growth in his life and style, while most people want him to stay trap level because they don't like change. For me, music is a little deeper and about growth, and I'm glad an artist who was positive towards me twelve years ago is still being positive today.

What are some of your favorite things about Jeezy, favorite tracks or albums? Leave it in the comments below.
Until next time guys.

| Thuggin' Under The Influence (T.U.I.)
| Come Shop Wit Me
| Tha Streets Iz Watchin
| Trap Or Die
| Boyz N Da Hood
| Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101
| Can't Ban The Snowman
| The Inspiration
| I Am The Street Dream!
| Cold Summer (with U.S.D.A)
| The Prime Minister
| The Recession
| Trappin' Ain't Dead
| Trap Or Die, Part 2: By Any Means Necessary
| 1,000 Grams
| The Last Laugh
| CTE Or Nothing (with U.S.D.A)
| The Real Is Back
| The Real Is Back 2
| TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition
| It's Tha World
| #ItsThaWorld (with CTE)
| Boss Yo Life Up Gang (with CTE)
| #ItsThaWorld2 (with CTE)
| Seen It All: The Autobiography
| Gangsta Party
| Politically Correct
2015 | Church In These Streets

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