Land of The .. Free?

I went to Iraq and I saw firsthand how we didn't need to be over there anymore, that was 2011.

I personally know a lot of good men that died in combat over there and in Afghanistan, I don't take anything that we did over there for granted because there were a lot of people, regardless of their reasons for doing it, sign up and went to go defend the freedom of this country, and a lot made the ultimate sacrifice. And I would like to think that along with peace of mind and opportunities, they defended this country because it was a place where one could get a higher education and make something of their life, which most of the known world cannot do.

So the above picture makes all the sense in the world.

When I heard Obama was going to make this proposal, I initially thought it was some kind of BS rumor going around the internet like everything else regarding education and Obama doing something about it. But then when I actually saw the vine that he posted announcing the decision, I was a little taken back by this. Because regardless of how people feel about it, this is a boost.

A two year degree can get people trained up to actually do something in this country. Not looking at degrees, but just certificates that lead to more mechanics, more nurses, more administrative personnel, there are tons of possibilities that can come from this. This can lead to so many great things, such as people going to an actual university to complete a four year degree.

I'm not here to speak on the naysayers or other people who say that it's a bad idea, I'm just here for the people that want to do better, if you want to do better, and then this is your chance. I fully support this and all the benefits that will come from this.

What do you think about this level of free higher education? Do you agree or disagree?

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