Love, Hate & Walmart

Now when this blog was suggested to me by new contributor Nicole Lewis, I initially laughed because I thought it was going to be a funny blog. But now as I sit here and think about it, I really do hate Wal-Mart. There are so many things that don't make sense that they do, and so many things that people come in the store and do that really piss me off. You know how much I love lists, let me go ahead rail some off that bother me:

1. Coming into the parking lot is like a maze of pure foolishness. I tend to not park anywhere near the front of the store because it's always hard to get in and out of there. Mind you parking all the way in the back you run the risk of getting your car broken in with some stores. Let's not forget if you do find the perfect parking space, there's a chance that cart is always in the way or somewhere rolling around.

2. Why is the store constantly dirty? Like people come in and constantly throw things around, and the store is so large that it's impossible to keep it in order if you work there. I've see what the stock room and that within itself is a scary site.

3. Seems like if you do get into the store and by some chance that something is in place where it should be, that it's never the item you looked up online or ask if it's in store. Like if I'm looking of a .99 cent can opener, more than likely it's going to ring up to 2.99. I hate that, why is that, because it's apart of that store being dirty thing. People will switch the littlest things around without simply walking to put it back.

4. Customer service is usually trash unless you know how to talk to someone in a manner that finesses the ego. I mean I know people like to yell out, "I didn't make you work here", I'm not that kind of person. I typically start with a greeting and a compliment because I know everyone has bad days and working at Wal-Mart where there is an abundance of ignorance and never ending work, your attitude will be on 100. I mean I'm pretty sure if people actually got paid a little more then things would be better around that place. But since the wages are so low, I would probably act just the same if I had to work there.

5. Anyone else every noticed how the grocery part of the store sucks now. The prices are higher than regular grocery stores here, so it's kind of like, what's the point of shopping here when the goal is to save money. I've heard those new Wal-Mart grocery stores are cheaper, but what is the point in that when I could just go to a regular grocery store. Wal-Mart isn't that popping now. Especially when the fruit isn't fresh and the commercials aren't too accurate either, (again roll back anyone?). This is just another ploy to take over the market and put other grocery stores out of business, which I doubt will happen.

6. Then by some chance you're minding your own business, and in your own little world, you'll see something you don't want to see. I've heard horror stories from people peeing in the store to worse. I've seen a fight, someone getting cussed out, bad little kids running around knocking stuff off the shelf and then some. It's like the nonsense comes to the store just to be seen acting a fool in public.

7. Then if you by some chance find what you wanted to find, you get to the front of the store to check out and there are only three lanes open. This is the one thing that pisses me off most about Wal-Mart. There are fifty lanes, FIFTY LANES. The most I've ever seen open when there is an influx of people is six. Like certain times should just be expected, you know the first of the month, and pay day weekends.

8. Walking out the door isn't really that much of a big deal if you have you receipt ready in hand. I understand that they do this because there's a lot of theft in Wal-Mart, but let's be serious for a minute here. Those people rarely ever really check the receipt, and if they do, they can't check everyone leaving because some people just roll right by them. And I do not blame them for not saying anything because that's dangerous these days.

9. Coming out to a dinged car or someone who's parked incorrectly is almost the norm. You could go in and there is no one parked around you, and come out 15 minutes later and the parking lot is completely full and it's probably full of trash too. It's rare that I see a store that is clean on the inside, it's even next to impossible to find one that is clean on the outside. If you're a little on the neat side of life and clean, then the parking lot will ruin you.

10. Oh yea, if you're thinking about going to a store right before a major holiday or big weather event, don't, you'll more than likely run into a whole bunch of people with the same idea. And the shelves will more than likely probably be empty.

Everyone knows Wal-Mart is about that life when it comes to money, they're worth however many billions of dollars, so it's funny that they rather cut cost at any expense, rather than increase efficiency so more people can get in and get out. The only time I ever visit the store is right before midnight, if I absolutely have to have something, or I want to add a $5 DVD to my collection. That's all they are about good for these days, seeing as how the price of food and goods seem to be on the rise. If you want to grocery shop, there are plenty of other stores to go to that's cheaper now.

Overall, the fun loving Wal-Mart that you use to go walk around with your friends taking stupid looking pictures with is no more. Gone are the days where you can just go in and grab something quick to cook and at a low price, (do they even have those roll back commercials anymore?). Wal-Mart is just a waste of time in my opinion, if I can help it, I'd rather just stay away from there at all costs. My sanity & peaceful Zen like personality is not worth the aggravation and annoyance.

Contributor: Nicole Lewis

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