All of The Little Things

I'm really big on those signs that God sends to you. It's his little way of saying, "it's alright, I promise it is.". I've really been ignoring those said signs for too long, but today was the day I went back to listening to them.

Life is meant to be fluid in my book, like you can't just sit here and think it's going to be one way, when in reality it can be at least five different ways before noon. The only thing you can either do is take the signs in stride and make adjustments, or just look at the signs and say that's not what you're going to do, and hope more prosperous ones come your way. Now there are dangerous repercussions in the latter, struggle is almost a certainty. You have the conviction, the determination, the mindset that you're going to have to dig your feet in and make it work for you.

Sometimes it works out for you, and sometimes it doesn't.

What happens when it doesn't work out for you? What happens when you make the determination to stay, then it all falls apart? What do you do from that point on? Well the only thing you can really do is, learn. That's the only thing that's positive in this outcome, do some self reflection, and learn what went on for you not to be able to succeed. Was it your fault? Was it extenuation circumstances? Was it simply not that time? All of those are questions you have to ask yourself, because most of the time it's not your fault. Most of the time, no matter how patient, how dedicated, how true you are to something, it just wasn't meant to work out.

And for some, that is worse than it being your fault.

But once you come to that conclusion, once you get over the pity party, once you accept that there was nothing that you can do, you'll be better for it. Once you get that down pact in your mind, and your heart finally see's the bigger picture, your eyes will open back up to the world you once shunned. Then and only then will you be able to have something far better than you ever imagined.

You just have to get yourself there first.

And by getting yourself first, you have to accept the signs. I will not lie to you for a second, most of the time, signs are a bad thing, they come at a bad time, in a bad way. You're going to be angry, you're going to be pissed actually, but most importantly, you will be sad. That's OK, it just means that you were really passionate about whatever it was that you wanted to do, that's what makes us human, that's what let's us know we're alive. Whether it's tomorrow, next year, or the next 50 years, you're going to look back at the situation that made you feel that way and laugh. Not because it was funny, and not because you're trying to laugh away the pain. But simply because life is better. Those times when you failed at something you really wanted then, will make you appreciate what you have now,

And that's how life works.

You'll have to walk 12 miles in the rain, before you get 30 feet from your happiness. Honestly, that's how I would prefer life. I would prefer to be humbled to the point of being able to genuinely appreciate what I have now. That's just me though.

What do you think about the signs you receive in life? Are they helpful or do they hurt you in the long run? Leave a comment below. Until next time guys.

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