The New Beauty Campaign By Adrianna Moses

Models Needed (To Read This).

Must be:
1.      Any weight,
2.      Any height,
3.      Any waist size,
4.      Any bust size,
5.      ANY skin complexion.
6.      Absolutely no silicone, facial injections, butt injections, waist trainers, weave/extensions, contour style makeup.

The definition of beauty, according to, is “the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations…” The most important word in that definition is the word IN; remember this as I speak on the new beauty campaign.

Now the new beauty campaign is not an actual campaign for anything, it’s more of a statement, a declaration if you would. See, what is glorified in today’s society is the illusion. Fake ass, fake tits, fake lips, even fake eyebrows, are the standard of what’s beautiful, but what about what’s real? What about gravity defying hair? Or even full lips with no injections whatsoever. Most women, who are born with these features naturally, are shamed their whole lives about them. So why is it that we glorify the Kim K's or the Kylie Jenner’s for their “enhanced” body parts?

Beauty begins in the womb. When we are born we are our most beautiful, fresh and innocent, not one flaw. And then we grow up and the world is cruel to us. The world has created a system and seems to not want to let up on that system anytime soon. As we grow, we discover that the world has given us our flaws by default. The world has said that, “if you don’t look this way, then you are unsuccessful in terms of beauty”.

But who’s to say beauty can be defined at all if we are all different? How do the standards become the actual standards?

I’ve come to find that the media is crippling women across the globe in terms of self-esteem. I wander to the magazine section at the local Kroger. I’m looking for a magazine to suggest new haircuts for myself. As I skim the shelves I am demonized without even being aware of it. Magazines hold headlines such as, “top 5 beauty secrets no one is telling you”, or “how to get a rounder butt in 2 weeks”.

I’ve read these magazines before while on the toilet, in my very own bathroom, good reads to past the time. But if we really take a look at these things, they are not filling us in on anything that is healthy for ourselves. I would like to read a magazine on self-acceptance one day. I would like to be taught how to love myself exactly how I am from a Glamour magazine. I don’t care to learn how to contour my face with make up in order to make my nose thinner or my eyes bigger or my chubby face any skinnier, see I’m tired of the self-hate booklets being sold everywhere.

Society thinks they have a handle on who and what is beautiful but the reality is, that every year women are dying because they are going under the knife to change something that society made them hate about themselves. The new beauty campaign is simple. The new beauty campaign is to slow down, is to write at least 10 things you adore about yourself. The new beauty campaign is to drink more water and do cardio rather than order a waist trainer. The new beauty campaign suggests you love yourself before it’s too late.

Before I go, remember how defines beauty? They were pretty darn close in my opinion. Beauty can only be from what’s within. Even when you remove the makeup, do you still shine? Or has your light been dimmed? I believe it’s important to be happy looking at you in the mirror. I can’t lie and say I haven’t been ashamed looking at myself before, but I can say I never hid from it. I never claimed I wasn’t good enough because of the physical. The physical could never compare to what dwells on the inside.

The flower never needs to be dressed up or changed in any kind of way to be considered beautiful. Simply because it endured the transformation and became exactly what it was meant to be, makes it so.

Contributor: Adrianna Moses

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