Second Time Around.

Having a second chance makes you want to work even harder.
- Tia Mowry

If you are ever so lucky to have a second chance with someone that you really care about, then you're more inclined to try and not mess it up the second time around. Now granted things aren't the same as they were before, as the shouldn't be, you can practice working on a few things while you're getting back with her or before you make that attempt to. Here are a couple of things I've thrown together that I've chosen to work on for myself, for rthe day when someone comes into my life. I'm hoping it will help you as well.

Relationship Advice #1 [[HONESTY .. if you can't be honest with yourself .. how are you suppose to be honest with someone who's suppose to come before your needs? Most arguments & awkward situations can be avoided with honest simple opinions and truths. & if the person you're with catches an attitude every time you try... to speak it .. maybe it's not meant to be. Cause in this situation Honesty is the best policy.]]

Relationship Advice #2 [[ Commitment .. relationships aren't like anything else .. they take time and hard work. Everyday isn't going to be a peachy one .. neither will it be bad. If two people really click then honestly the problems will be minimal and the happiness at a maximum, most of the time the problem is that e...verybody wants a quick fix and never wants to be friends with patience .. think about it how it ]]

Relationship Advice #3 [[ Blind Faith & Hope .. without these two .. judgments become clouded and petty arguments arise .. but with it .. it can make two weak people into one strong person .. and it can make the worse of situations .. the best of them. Putting your faith and hope in someone is basically trusting them w...ith your life .. cause if you can't .. then you'll never understand what it's like to be in love ]]

Relationship Advice #4 [[ Communication .. this is equivalent to if u stopped breathing air. Like what since does it not make to talk about something is bothering u, if u like the person then anything and everything is worth talking about. There's no such thing as being 2 honest, if the person likes u enough, they will... listen to your problems, you tell them ur problems and the u come to a middle ground, compromise ]]

Relationship Advice #5 [[ Past Is Past .. granted somethings can't stay in the past, that's why I recommend you get mad at it sooner than later. Be truthful about what you've done to your partner, cause if they don't like it, they can split. But holding it in for later, could prove to be fatal down the road. Be an open... book, ask questions in the beginning, press the situation. This is part of the growing process. ]]

Relationship Advice #6 [[ YOUR RELATIONSHIP .. hear me clearly when I say this .. fuck your friends & what they think they know about YOUR RELATIONSHIP. Taking advice for a relationship that you guys have to work out is never good. If you cant formulate your own thoughts into actions without another individual, well or sir you just bought your first class ticket to relationship problems. Only You can solve u! ]]

Relationship Advice #7 [[ Compromise .. it's THE essential thing in a relationship. If you can learn to make sacrifices for someone without the feeling of remorse or anger, then not only will that person reimburse you for what you gave up, they will also give you more to add on to that. Remember a selfish relationship a helpless relationship. But a relationship that uses WE, then frankly .. you can beat anything ]]

Relationship Advice #8 [[ Patience .. If more ppl practiced this in life things would be much easier. Patience is like a band aid for relationships. Pull it off too quickly & you run the risk of bleeding out & dying. But if you let it heal and you take that band aid off .. of course there's going to be a scar, but what...'s life without a few war wounds to remind you of the struggle it took to get you to happiness? ]]

Relationship Advice #9 [[ Time .. Sure you can buy Diamonds, Clothes, Cars & Homes .. but those material things are nothing to that of riches of Time. Time creates love, stability, affection, arousal, Time is unlike anything on this planet. Given too little time & it ruins the best, given too much can drive a person aw...ay, but just the right amount can make a person love you forever, Make Time for Love, it's Key ]]

Relationship Advice #10 [[ Love .. it's simple .. if you don't really have it or feel it .. then it can never be real. Simple as that. ]]

What do you think  about the list, anything to go on there that you think could help? Anything you feel the need to be taken off. Just let me know in the comments in below.

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